Anhui carries out a warning to educate cadres who have contacts with Lu Wei.

Anhui carries out a warning to educate cadres who have contacts with Lu Wei.

Original title: Anhui special warning education with "live teaching material" refreshing brain treatment

"Through organizational criticism and education, we have a clearer understanding of the nature of Lu Wei's"two-sided people"and made a profound reflection on his own psychology of"becoming inflamed and adhering to the trend and being clever and obedient". In the future, we must maintain political determination, consciously resist the erosion of bad culture, and be the defender and promoter of political ecology. In the special warning education of "stressing loyalty, strict discipline and establishing political morality" carried out in Anhui, some cadres who had contacts with Lu Wei, former Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, made the above statement.

Beginning in May this year, the Anhui Provincial Party Committee decided to use the Luwei case as a negative teaching material, contact the cases of Chen Shulong, Yang Zhenchao and Zhou Chunyu in Anhui Province, focus on the leading cadres of Party members at or above the county level in the whole province, adhere to the principle of "three strictness and three facts", and focus on educating people around them with the things around them, from top to bottom, from top to bottom, and from top to bottom, in two batches. Carry out special warning education on "loyalty, discipline and politics". By the middle of September, thematic warning education has basically ended.

Anhui was the starting place for Lu Wei's birth and work. Lu Wei, Chen Shulong, Yang Zhenchao and Zhou Chunyu are both sides of the political transformation, disloyalty, non-discipline and non-establishment of political morality. We must educate and guide the broad masses of Party members and cadres to consciously enhance political acuity and political discrimination, and resolutely eliminate their legacy of poison and morality. The Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee took the lead in conducting intensive deliberation and Reflection on typical cases, seeing people seeing things and thinking. The Propaganda Department of the provincial Party Committee has mainly exposed Lu Wei's "fake loyalty, fake deeds, fake political achievements" by holding symposiums and individual talks, so as to clear up his bad influence on the propaganda and ideological front. In Hefei and Chaohu City, the cadres who had contacted and contacted with Lu Wei were investigated thoroughly in view of the problems of "speaking and dressing up, putting on a pose and deceiving the cadres and the masses" when Lu Wei returned to visit his relatives for many years, and the key education was carried out to urge them to reflect deeply. Wuhu, Huainan, Bengbu and other cities combined with the investigation and punishment of the former Secretary of the municipal Party committee and other typical cases to carry out special warning education, further eliminate Chen Shulong, Yang Zhenchao, Zhou Chunyu adverse effects.

While eliminating the remaining poisons, Anhui highlights the use of side things to educate the people around it. The provincial level edits and distributes the Selection of Repentance Records of Leading Cadres of Party Members in Serious Violations of Discipline and Law, timely publishes the corruption nest case, Bai Taiping case and Wu Dunwu case bulletins of Huizhou Business Group, and shoots and distributes the warning educational film of "Runaway Business"Giant Ship". . Fifteen confessions and analysis materials of provincial administrative cadres investigated and dealt with in recent years were selected and distributed to relevant systems and units in different categories. The designated units were appointed to conduct in-depth comparative examination, and to prescribe medicines for the symptoms and give accurate treatment. Referring to the provincial practice, more than 80 warning education books were compiled and printed, 178,000 copies were distributed, and more than 2,500 typical cases were designated for comparison and reflection.

Taking the case as a mirror, we should not just be satisfied with ideological awe. Anhui Provincial Party Committee and all local units will take the case promotion as the key link of the special warning education of "stressing loyalty, strict discipline and political morality". Around the problems exposed by the typical cases, they will carry out the problem inversion, responsibility inversion and system inversion, that is, to know and to change while checking and changing. Problems should be tackled and problems should be tackled.

In view of the key areas, key departments and units where corruption is prone to occur frequently in recent years, Anhui Province has selected four provincial-level cities, five provincial-level units, one provincial university and three provincial-level enterprises at the corresponding level to supervise the implementation of the work of "promoting reform through cases". More than 4500 localities and units in the province have deployed and carried out the work of "promoting reform by case" to achieve the effect of "investigating and dealing with a case, warning a batch and educating a piece".

Various units in Anhui Province have combined the problems identified in the special warning education with the problems in the special warning education of "stressing repetition" carried out last year, with the problems of conversation letters and inspection feedback, and established lists of questions, tasks and responsibilities one by one, and defined the rectification measures and time limits. Give full play to the fundamental function of the system, plug loopholes with the system, build a strong dike, do one thing against three, root causes, and strive to build a long-term mechanism that depends on the system to manage power, affairs and people. (Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervisor Zhang Yixin, editor in charge)

Editor in chief: Gui Qiang

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