The central inspection team visited the smuggling Bureau and found many cadres playing mobile phones to read novels.

The central inspection team visited the smuggling Bureau and found many cadres playing mobile phones to read novels.

Original title: [patrol notes] "anti routine" visit found true problem

In the course of inspecting the Party group of the General Administration of Customs, the 14th Central Inspection Group made a "five-look" inspection on the grass-roots units in view of the irregularities in the conduct and discipline of some grass-roots customs officers. First, it looked at the business situation to find out whether there were problems such as evasion, taking cards and deliberately delaying. Second, look at the service situation, understand the mental outlook and work status of cadres and workers; third, look at the information disclosure, party building publicity platform updates, to know whether there is a long-term non-update, information is not open and so on; fourth, look at office buildings and infrastructure projects, to know whether there is an area beyond the standard, super-scale construction and illegal leasing and lending; Five, we should look at the materials involved, confiscated articles and keep warehouses to understand the management of the materials involved. Through the "five look" to strive to obtain first-hand information, find typical examples. Practice has proved that the inspection work has achieved good results.

On the morning of April 18, we arrived at the sinking place, then quietly went to a customs anti-smuggling bureau, according to the original plan, or to understand the policy, or to inquire about matters, "carelessly" in the office building layer by layer "visit", mainly to check the mental outlook and work status of grass-roots customs officers. During the visit, we found that the problem of the absence of the anti-smuggling Bureau staff during their working hours was more prominent. Many cadres were playing with mobile phones and reading novels.

After returning to the station at noon, we held a meeting in time for the disorder found during our morning visit. "A visit is not representative, I am afraid that feedback to the inspected units can not be convinced, it is better to select another customs unit to verify each other." "Yes, we may find some updates through re visit." During the discussion, it was considered necessary to visit the individual customs offices in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, we arrived at a certain customs in the sinking area. As soon as we entered the hall, we found that many cadres were gathering to chat, one cadre was listening to music with headphones, and another driver was watching TV programs in the office area. The visiting team approached a cadre and found him gazing intently at a computer screen, completely unaware that someone had come to us. We looked closely at him, not at work, but at the stock market changes.

In view of the situation found on this day, the inspection team conducted a summary in the evening, and the first time notified the sinking customs, will be found in the inspection of customs officers irregular conduct of feedback to the relevant comrades in charge, asking them to conduct reform, and effectively improve customs officers discipline.

Shortly afterwards, the inspection team came to a certain customs again, focusing on the problems found on the 18th. Judging from the effect, the police officers' discipline has been greatly improved, and the effect of Zheng Feng Su Ji is very obvious. At the same time, the inspection team also inspected the management of the materials involved in some smuggling cases according to the previous situation. When told to look at 11 items seized in a smuggling case on the spot, it took nearly four hours to find all the items seized, and the problem of idleness remained prominent.

The Central Committee of the Party has put forward higher requirements for the new round of inspection work. How to further consolidate, develop and deepen the inspection work is an important issue for the inspection team. After the 18th Central Inspection Work has been fully covered, the inspected Party organizations have a certain understanding of the inspection work. They are relatively familiar with the "play" and "routine" of the inspection group, especially in the downward understanding stage. In order not to expose the problem, they often work out various plans to meet and deal with the inspection, if they do not innovate ways. Method, it is difficult to find out the real problem. Through mobile visits, the inspected units can not be prepared, which is not only conducive to finding problems, but also to bring invisible pressure to the inspected units, forming a powerful deterrent. (central fourteenth inspection team Sun Li)

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