The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a document demanding rectification of formalism bureaucracy

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a document demanding rectification of formalism bureaucracy

Original Title: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Office of the work of printing and Issuing Opinions focused on rectifying formalistic bureaucratic focus on four areas of 12 prominent problems

The General Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection recently issued the "Opinions on Implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's Important Directives to Concentrate on Formalism and Bureaucracy", and launched the work of concentrating on Formalism and Bureaucracy in an all-round way.

The Work Opinion clearly states that the centralized rectification work should be guided by Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implement the spirit of a series of important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on resolutely rectifying formalism and bureaucracy, and improve political standing. Strengthen the "Four Consciousnesses" and firmly adhere to the "Two Maintains", focus on the first duty of supervision, assist and urge the Party Committee (Party group) to fully fulfill its principal responsibilities, regard the rectification of formalism and bureaucracy as an important political task, as the primary and long-term task of upholding the "Four Winds" and opposing discipline. In a more prominent position.

It was introduced that the centralized rectification work will adhere to the general tone of steady and progressive work, organically unite the phased and long-term goals, establish the idea of a protracted war, and make up the determination to fight a hard war, strive to solve the outstanding problems of current formalism and bureaucracy, adhere to the compact responsibility and actively promote and supervise it. Promote the Party Committee (Party group) to conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility, consciously implement the supervision responsibility of the discipline inspection commission, start with investigation and investigation, rectify rectification and reform, tackle key problems through supervision and accountability, take leading organs and cadres as the main targets, grasp the "key minority" and drive the majority of Party members and cadres; persist in seeking truth from facts and ask specific questions. Specific analysis, precise performance of duties, precise verification, judgment, precise use of supervision and discipline "four forms", precise discipline, to ensure the organic unity of political, disciplinary and social effects.

The work opinion has identified 12 prominent problems in four aspects of key regulation. In the implementation of the Party's line, principles and policies, the central government's major decision-making arrangements, the focus of rectification seriously affects the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized and unified leadership, the central decree of the unimpeded formalism, bureaucracy prominent problems. Especially, we should carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, implement the new concept of development, fight the three major battles of preventing and resolving major risks, eliminating poverty accurately and preventing and controlling pollution, as well as formalism and bureaucracy in Ideological and political work, propaganda, public opinion and food and drug safety. For example, the spirit of the central government can only be conveyed vigorously on the face, slogans, mechanical transmission, not digestion, swallow jujubes, up and down the general rough communication; in the work of empty slogans, more toned, less action to implement poor, keen to show off momentum; simply to implement the meeting, to document implementation Documents, superficial, excessive marks, lack of practical actions and specific measures.

In connection with the masses and serving the masses, we should focus on rectifying the prominent problems of formalism and bureaucracy that are reflected by the masses, especially by the masses. For example, ignoring the interests and sufferings of the masses, being indifferent to and passive to the problems strongly reflected by the masses, shirking reasonable demands from the masses, being cold and arbitrary, being simple and rude to the masses, being indiscreet to the public, being poor in attitude and efficiency of the convenience service units and government service windows, government service hotlines, government websites, etc. Government APP operation "zombie", "new officials ignore the old things", words without faith, emphasis on investment light landing, light service, affect the business environment.

In fulfilling their duties and serving the economic and social development, we should focus on rectifying the outstanding problems that seriously affect the quality of reform and development, such as incompetence, inaction, slow action, disorderly action and fake action. For example, regardless of the actual situation, without scientific proof, in violation of the provisions of the procedures of arbitrary decision-making, arbitrary clapper, arbitrary act; fraud, fabrication of false experience, false typical, false data, conceal, cover up the problem.

In terms of style of study and style of study and investigation, the emphasis is put on rectifying the prominent problems such as excessive frequency and superficiality. For example, the style of study is floating, the theory is divorced from the reality, only to cope with the situation, the situation, not practical, not practical; meeting does not study the real situation, do not solve practical problems, meeting for the meeting; check too much, multi-sectoral repeated assessment of the same matter, assessment content is not practical, frequent, multi-form, multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional and multi-dimensional. More materials have caused a serious burden to the grass-roots level; investigation and research to form, go through the market, not in-depth, create a "classic line of investigation and research", do a show-style research, engage in escort at all levels, supernumerary escort.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of centralized management, the work opinion has made clear 9 specific measures. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels are required to conduct in-depth investigation and investigation, strengthen supervision and urge, and urge the Party committees (Party groups) of this department to concentrate their efforts on conducting in-depth investigation and research, to find out the outstanding problems and concrete manifestations existing in the investigation and arrangement, and to come up with effective measures for precise implementation. We should intensify rectification and reform, urge and promote Party committees (Party groups) at all levels to fulfill their principal responsibilities, check and check the outstanding problems, rectify and consolidate the rectification results one by one. We should supervise the whole process of rectification and rectify formalistic actions such as "going through the motions" and "doing virtual work" in time, and be accountable for the adverse consequences.

The Work Opinion calls for the centralized rectification work to be combined with the ongoing special work on combating corruption and style of work in the field of poverty alleviation, pollution prevention and control and environmental accountability, related work in the field of people's livelihood, and the special struggle against crime and crime. At the same time, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should earnestly enforce discipline and accountability, grasp the "key minority", play the role of inspection and inspection in supervising formalism and bureaucracy, smooth supervision and reporting channels, timely discovery of problem clues, report and expose typical cases, and strengthen work and research. (reporter Zhou Genshan)

Source: China discipline inspection and supervision newspaper

Editor in chief: Gui Qiang

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