The woman used a mineral water bottle to hold a drug and sat on a high-speed rail.

The woman used a mineral water bottle to hold a drug and sat on a high-speed rail.

Original title: women take drugs and claim to be "safe".

September 24, Red Net Time (Xiaoxiang Morning Post Song Kaixin correspondent Zhu Hongmei Zhangwei) husband robbed and jailed, mother-in-law blamed her for not wangfu, plus the burden of three children's upbringing, so that the woman Zou Mou was very upset, unexpectedly thought of using drugs to release pressure. On September 22, when she was preparing to work in Guangdong, she carried more than 100 milliliters of methadone in mineral water bottles with her. After being seized by the police at Yueyang East High-speed Railway Station, she claimed that she was "comfortable and safe to take with her" and "took a drink when she was unhappy. In view of the fact that she has not yet taken drugs, the long railway police imposed an administrative penalty of 500 yuan on it.

At more than 10:00 on September 22, the police of Yueyang East Railway Station of Changsha Railway Public Security Bureau found a middle-aged woman wearing yellow dress and pink dress behaving abnormally. She looked away from the police intentionally and pulled her purse vigilantly for many times. Police immediately asked the lady to open the bag for inspection and found a bottle of mineral water containing yellow liquid in it. Under the questioning of the police, the woman admitted that the liquid was methadone. However, after the urine test, the woman did not take any drugs.

After investigation, the woman surnamed Zou, 41 years old, Yueyang County of Hunan Province, worked in Guangzhou. Zou said that she was addicted to friends when she was 18 years old. After the age of 23, he married 3 children, and now he goes to middle school and has excellent grades. In order not to affect her children, she was determined to give up drugs. Unexpectedly, in August of this year, her husband was sent to prison for robbery. When he thought of raising three children alone, Zou felt a lot of pressure. A week ago, she returned from Guangzhou to Yueyang to see her three children, only to find that her mother-in-law often blamed her for "not wangfu". Zou has nowhere to vent, and thinks of releasing pressure with drugs. On the 22nd, she purchased the G6131 ticket for Yueyang East to Guangzhou, and put more than 100 milliliters of methadone in mineral water bottles, then ready to enter the station. Who knows, encountered at the entrance to the police to investigate, and then reveal.

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