Iran vows to destroy Saudi Arabia: crush you!

Iran vows to destroy Saudi Arabia: crush you!

Original title: crush you! Iran vows to destroy Saudi Arabia

"Our response will destroy and crush you!" At the funeral of the victims of the 24-day terrorist attack, the deputy commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Salami, vowed to retaliate against the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iranian President Ruhani blamed the attack on the United States and its Middle East allies, and American politicians quickly responded. Tensions between the US and Iraq have escalated before the UN General Assembly.

Iran celebrated the 38th anniversary of the outbreak of the Iran-Iran war in Awaz, capital of Huzistan province, Tuesday, when 29 people were killed and 70 wounded in a terrorist attack, the Israeli Times reported. On the 24 day, Iran held a funeral for the victims. In a speech on state television, Iran's deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Salami called the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia "triangles" and said the three countries should be responsible for the terrorist attacks. "You will regret what you did... You have to bear the consequences... We warn all behind the scenes, we must retaliate.

After the attack, the "Islamic state" of the extremist group in the Middle East declared responsibility for the incident. However, France and Guangzhou said on the 23rd that Iranian leaders believe that the Arab separatist movement organization "Awaz Democratic People's Front" is the biggest suspect, and will point to the United States and its Middle East allies. On the 23rd, before going to New York to attend the UN General Assembly meeting, Rouhani said that the United States has many puppet countries in the Middle East, the latter committed crimes on behalf of the United States. Rouhani said that in the framework of safeguarding national interests, Iran's counterattack against terrorist attacks is about to begin. Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei also issued an open letter on 22, saying that pro-American forces in the Middle East are the perpetrators of terrorist attacks, intended to threaten Iran's national security.

In the face of Iran's accusations, the U. S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Heli 23, said that Rouhani is just bluff. According to CNN, Haley said Rouhani should reflect on his country's problems: "He himself has to look in the mirror first." U. S. Secretary of State Pompeo 23 told Fox News: "If there is a security problem in their own, then blaming others is a huge mistake." Pompeio's remarks were "back to" Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, who blamed the terrorist attacks on 22 "terrorist patrons" and their "American masters". Trump's private lawyer, Giuliani, added fuel to the fire by publicly saying that U.S. sanctions against Iran had been effective, and that the latter had been pushed to the "brink of revolution", the state regime or subversion. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency reported on the 23rd, after the terrorist attacks, Iran summoned the Dutch and Danish ambassadors in Iraq and the British acting agency in Iraq to protest the three countries laissez-faire attacks in Iraq launched by the "members of terrorist organizations" in these countries.

The seventy-third United Nations General Assembly is currently under way. Before attending the meeting, Rouhani denounced the Trump administration's unilateral and ultra-nationalist initiatives, and Trump also said that the Security Council meeting will "focus on" Iran. Some media believe that this session of the UN General Assembly will stage a "positive showdown" between the leaders of the two countries. Fearing U.S. sanctions, South Korea has completely stopped importing Iranian oil, becoming the first country to reduce Iranian oil imports to zero.

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