Apple camera users say home life is live: the dialogue is clear and audible.

Apple camera users say home life is live: the dialogue is clear and audible.


Home life is closed by "live" platform.

When you are wearing your underwear at home, you are watched by countless netizens. Such a startling thing happened recently on the live broadcast platform of the fruit.

Recently, a green fruit cameras users reflected that the home life was broadcast live online synchronization, many users are not aware of this. In this regard, Qingguo Live Broadcasting Operator Easy Trust Co., Ltd. related person in charge of the introduction of open live broadcast by the user's personal settings, access to live broadcast platform. After receiving user feedback, the company has temporarily closed all live users.

Beijing News reporter Konka

Live online live at home

At 11:33 p.m. on September 22, the camera was pointed at a living room in a residential building in Shanghai with a panoramic view of its furnishings.

A man was walking around the house in only a pair of underwear. Soon after, he picked up a mop and began to mop the floor. In the meantime, the man and a woman said a few words, the dialogue content is clear and audible.

Data show that the number of live broadcast was 4804 times, and was collected 1093 times.

You don't need to pass any validation, just open the "latest" column of "Green Fruit" App and you'll see it clearly. The platform information shows that the green fruit is a live interactive platform based on the green fruit camera. Users only need to install a camera and bind the phone, they can see the real-time screen monitored, and can also live broadcast on the platform in real time. Viewers can comment, collect and recommend live content after the account is registered.

Reporters found that in the Qingguo platform live content column, in addition to pets, street scenery, scenery and road conditions, there are many stores, business halls, clothing stores and live content within the family.

Among them, the number of live viewers within the family is the largest, many netizens will exchange and discuss in the comments or bullet screen, some "wonderful" pictures are also posted in the circle of friends.

Users say they are not aware of the live broadcast.

At 12 noon on September 22, the reporter saw Wang Yun (alias) busy in the kitchen of his home in a live studio of Qingguo Live Broadcasting Platform. His son was sitting on the sofa blowing an electric fan. When the reporter called her phone, she could see clearly that she picked up the cell phone and began to answer it.

Wang Yun said she had just installed a camera the day before, in order to use it as a monitoring device at home, thinking that only she could see the camera, but she didn't know that it could be seen by others. "Can people live online? It's terrible. "

Just as the video suddenly went black, Wang Yun had pulled the plug out, but she still expressed concern, the video has been seen by hundreds of people, whether personal privacy will be leaked.

Zhao Qiang (not his real name) from Zhoukou, Henan Province, works in a foreign country. In order to see the children at ordinary times, he installed a camera in his hometown yard to monitor them at any time. According to the video content of the studio, at noon on the 22nd, the children were playing in the yard, and the camera could take pictures of passers-by. Zhao Qiang said that after the installation of the camera, the binding of the mobile phone had been set up, he clicked "completely open", but did not know that full open equals full live broadcast.

Respond to

All personal users have been closed.

Users can scan the two-dimensional code after buying the camera, and install and bind the phone according to the guidance.

Qingguo Live Broadcasting Platform Operator E-mail company related person in charge introduced, if the user chooses to broadcast live, need to set up manually to confirm. Among them, there are two options: "completely open" and "need to be verified" in the permissions settings. Under the fully open option, the word "everyone can see your live in the square".

The person in charge said that after receiving feedback, the company temporarily closed all the personal users'live pages at 5 p.m. on the 22nd, and the relevant staff were cleaning up the public data of the camera and deleting comments. The reason why the content of the user's private scenes appeared in Qingguo Live Plaza is still under investigation.

As for the business hall, clothing stores and other public places related to live broadcasting, the person in charge introduced that Qingguo has been prohibiting the commercialization of services, stipulating that users can not use live broadcasting services for commercial purposes. It is necessary to confirm with the platform that public activities are commercially targeted. At present, the company has closed all live broadcast of public places.

September 23, the reporter opened the green fruit page, found that the page only natural, pets, Street View, and other live broadcasting has been offline. The person in charge introduced that at present, the Qingguo platform only retains the live broadcast of the cooperative project with Qingguo, and the rest of the contents are temporarily off the shelves. The current live content of the cooperation project will also be collected and handled accordingly.

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