The European Union has launched a series of difficulties with the US technology giants, such as Google.

The European Union has launched a series of difficulties with the US technology giants, such as Google.

Newspaper correspondent in Germany and the US, Aoki Wen Yan

"The good days of American businesses in Europe are coming to an end." Amazon and Facebook were also named by the European Union or faced with high fines after Google was fined for sky-high prices, German Business Daily said Wednesday.

Weiss, the European Union's antitrust Commissioner, announced on Wednesday that it is investigating Amazon. The question is whether Amazon is abusing its merchants'data to ensure that products on its platform are more competitive than the merchants' own platforms. But Vee Stagg said that the current challenge is still in its early stage and has not yet been formally put on file. Analysts say Amazon faces a fine of 10% of global turnover, equivalent to $17.8 billion (in 2017, for example), if it is finally convicted.

On the same day, EU sources said Facebook could face EU sanctions because it had not yet complied with EU consumer regulations. Seven months ago, Jurova, the European Commission's judicial commissioner, asked Facebook and other technology companies to amend user terms to comply with EU consumer regulations. Now that 7 months have passed, Facebook is not yet fully qualified.

Facebook replied by e-mail 20 days ago: "people share valuable moments in Facebook. We want to make our terms clearer and open to all. Most of the Facebook terms of service were updated in May. The current terms are clearer in terms of what to allow, what not to allow and how people choose. We will continue to work with Europe to understand consumers' future concerns and make better updates. "

According to Reuters, Jurova has imposed restrictions on Facebook, requiring it to comply with EU consumer regulations by the end of 2018 or face sanctions.

In addition, Ireland's finance minister said on Tuesday that Ireland had recovered 13.1 billion euros of controversial tax from Apple plus $1.2 billion in interest, which would be temporarily placed in the trusteeship fund pending a ruling by the EU tax authorities on Ireland's lawsuit. In August 2016, the European Commission ruled that Apple Corp had an unfair preferential tax policy. Both Apple and Dublin appealed the original ruling, saying Apple's tax treatment was in line with Irish and European Union law.

The European Commission also recently recommended a 3% digital tax on companies with annual global sales of at least 750 million euros and sales of more than 50 million euros in Europe. In addition, the EU "link tax" policy also points to Internet users such as Google. German "Frankfurt Report" that the European Union agencies are now frequently targeted at U. S. enterprises, causing concern for U. S. enterprises. Experts warned that the EU's punishment for us technology giants might have attracted Trump's revenge. The trade war between Europe and America may be triggered again.


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