Taiwan's patriotic education base protestors will be defended desperately

Taiwan's patriotic education base protestors will be defended desperately

Cui Mingxuan, a special correspondent for the Global Times in Taipei, is the famous Biyun Temple in Ershui, Changhua County, Taiwan, becoming a "patriotic education base for socialist national ideology in Taiwan Province of the People's Republic of China"? This news has attracted the attention of many people inside and outside the island in the past few days. The Democratic Progressive Party's ruling county government quickly declared that the expansion of the temple was part of the illegal building, the implementation of power and water cut sanctions, threatened to 26 "pull down to leave no bricks and tiles".

According to Taiwan's "United News Network" reported on the 23rd, the Changhua County Government sent people to the "patriotic education base" of Biyun Chan Temple on the afternoon of 21 to carry out water and power cuts. Wei Mingren, head of the Biyun Temple, stressed that the county government's practice was groundless, and many supporters went to the square to protest. One supporter said that the Ershuixiang site was a lawfully acquired property right of Wei Mingren. If the illegal building was also the behavior of the former owner of the house, the Changhua County Government forced the water cut off and power cut off and dismantled the illegal building, which could only be enforced on the basis of relevant decrees and court rulings. According to Zhongshi Electronic Daily, after several push-and-push clashes between the two sides, a member of the Construction Department was hit in the face by Wei Mingren after the county government forced power cuts. Wei was arrested by the police for disorder offence and released on bail of NT $100,000 that night.

On the 22nd, Wei Minggu, the county head of the Democratic Progressive Party in Changhua, threatened that after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the plan to dismantle the Biyun Chan Temple would remain unchanged, and the machines and tools would be ready to be dismantled without leaving a brick or tile. "Central News Agency" noted that the 22 days of Bi Yun monastery still rose five star red flag. Wei Mingren said that if the county government really to demolish 26, he is absolutely desperate to defend, not to let anyone move to the five-star red flag.

According to the China Times, Wei Mingren, a 61-year-old developer from Nantou, was a member of the Kuomintang, but he was dissatisfied with the Kuomintang's actions and tore his party card. After the Democratic Progressive Party's ruling, he was equally disappointed. In 2011, he made a hundred years of the ancient temple of Bi Yun Temple. According to the Lianhe Daily, Biyun Chan Temple is a well-known ancient temple in central Taiwan. The temple and Wei Mingren have been involved in lawsuits for many years because of disputes over expansion funds. The court finally decided that the temple lost the lawsuit. One hectare of land and the property rights of new and old buildings belong to Wei Mingren. In February 2012, Wei Mingren announced the establishment of a "patriotic education base", flying the five-star red flag, since 2016, every New Year's Day and the eleventh flag-raising activities. On the 19th of this month, the New York Times said it was extremely rare for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party to show such obvious support for the Communist Party of China in Taiwan. "Ministry of Justice" immediately to the Changhua District Procuratorate "concern" about the case, Changhua County then made a decision to cut off water and power.

Other counties and cities in which DPP were in power declared one after another. Democratic Progressive Party candidate Yao Wenzhi said Wednesday that if elected mayor of Taipei, the five-star red flag will not be allowed to fly in Taipei. According to Yao Wenzhi's logic, "Should Taipei prohibit the banner of"Taiwan independence"?

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