India has changed its face in 24 hours, annoying Pakistan Pakistan, calling for India to stop arrogance.

India has changed its face in 24 hours, annoying Pakistan Pakistan, calling for India to stop arrogance.

Original title: India's 24 hour face annoys Pakistan Pakistan, calling for India to stop arrogance.

[The Global Times reported that Hu Bofeng's correspondent in Pakistan, Ding Xuezhen] Within a day, the two sides were in a war of words. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called on India the day before yesterday to stop its arrogance and engage in peace talks and trade cooperation with Pakistan, the Pakistan Tribune Express reported Thursday. "We hope to develop friendship with India, in order to end the poverty situation on the subcontinent." Imran Khan stressed that the Pakistani people will not yield to the pressure of any major power. "If they threaten us, the whole of Pakistan will unite until the end."

The Times of India said Imran Khan had written to Prime Minister Modi to suggest that the two foreign ministers meet during the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly. India agreed with Pakistan's proposal on 20 th, but announced the abolition of the foreign ministers' meeting on 21. India's foreign ministry explained that the sudden change was due to the killing of several security personnel in Kashmir and the recent issuance of "beautifying terrorists" stamps by Pakistan. Indian Army Chief of Staff Rawat has made a tough statement, saying that India will take drastic measures to counter terrorist and Pakistan's brutal acts in response to the killing of Indian security personnel. In response to this, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said 21, Pakistan and the murder of Indian security personnel has nothing to do, accusing India of "spreading inflammatory and vicious remarks." Imran Khan released the 22 day tweets that the pride of the Indian side was disappointing.

The Hindu newspaper said it was not convincing that the Indian government had given the foreign minister a reason to cancel because both events occurred before the Indian government accepted the Pakistani proposal. Indian media believe that the real reason for the cancellation of the meeting is that Pakistan will raise the issue of the situation in Kashmir high-profile during the UN General Assembly meeting and try to internationalize this issue again. The Pakistani side believes that the abolition of the Foreign Ministers'Meeting is to avoid dialogue with the Pakistani side before next year's parliamentary elections, Modi's Indian People's Party has always held a tough position on Pakistan.

"India has made another mistake." Pakistan's "Forum Express" 23, said India's decision will hinder Pakistan's efforts to improve relations between the two countries. Pakistan's "Dawn newspaper" said that India's move has extinguished the hope of improving bilateral relations.

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