Halo new network due to non-public offering of shares inquiry today suspended

Halo new network due to non-public offering of shares inquiry today suspended

New Beijing News (reporter Liang Chen) Halo New Network announced that the opening of the market on September 25 to suspend trading, the suspension time is not expected to exceed 5 trading days.

The suspension announcement said that on July 30, 2018, Guanghuang New Network received the approval document issued by the SFC, approving the company's non-public offering to raise no more than 5807.5 million yuan of supporting funds.

The announcement on July 30 showed that the SFC approved the company to issue about 10.11 million shares to the Communist Qingcheng Yunchuang Investment Management Partnership (Limited Partnership), to issue about 27.471 million shares to Jinfushen, and to issue about 106.5 million shares to the Communist Qingcheng National Venture Capital Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) to purchase related assets.

In order to protect the interests of investors and avoid fluctuations in the company's share price, the company has applied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for suspension in the process of inquiry and subscription of the company's non-public shares, according to the announcement on September 25.

Founded in January 1999, aura new network is a data center and cloud computing service provider. According to the policy, Amazon AWS cloud service runs through the aura new network.

On August 15, New Halo released its financial report for the first half of 2008, which showed that Amazon AWS China's revenue in the first half of the year was estimated to be $1 billion, up 54.2% from a year earlier, thanks to cloud computing and related services, as well as increased revenue from IDC and its value-added services.

According to the data, Yang Yuhang, general manager of Guanghuan New Network, holds 28.61% of Qingcheng Yunchuang investment, which is the actual controller; Zhang Lijun, financial director of Guanghuan New Network, holds 13.08%.

In addition, Jin Fushen has become the third largest shareholder of the aura network. Jin Fushen is a director of the Kexin Sheng Caiyun computing company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guang Hong Xin network. Jin Fushen, the sister of Kim Long HUAWEI, who invested 99% of the total investment in Qingdao city.

In September 21st, the new ring network closed at a slight increase of 0.07%, closing at 14.38 yuan.

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