Japanese women deposit their bodies in coin boxes for 4 years.

Japanese women deposit their bodies in coin boxes for 4 years.

Original title: Japanese women will deposit their bodies in coin boxes for 4 years and renew money every few days.

September 25, Japan time 24:00 a.m., a woman came to Tokyo Arakawa District Police Station after a long period of surrender to the police, said he gave birth to a baby 4, 5 years ago, has been in the station coin box to preserve the body.

Police recently found the remains of an unidentified baby in a coin box at Yinggu Station, Taitung District, Tokyo. On the 25 day, the surrendered woman who was suspected of abandoning her body was formally arrested.

The female suspect, Suzaki Emiri, is 49 years old and unemployed. "When the baby was born, she found no breathing, especially flustered, and didn't throw it away, so she put it in the coin box and kept it," she said. The suspect also said that from 4 to 5 years ago, he changed his locker every few days and continued to invest in it.

According to police, the body was found wrapped in a polyethylene bag in a handbag in a coin box. The body is 40 centimeters long, weighs 940 grams, and is naked. At present, trauma and cause of death are still under investigation. (overseas Wang Shan Ning)

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