Porsche will suspend production of diesel vehicles, new energy vehicles, and boom

Porsche will suspend production of diesel vehicles, new energy vehicles, and boom

Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume told the German newspaper Picture that Porsche will stop supplying diesel vehicles for existing models because of tighter carbon emissions regulations and hopes to sell products that it excels in, including gasoline and hybrid vehicles, and will start producing pure electric vehicles in 2019. Porsche plans to invest 6 billion euros in 2022 to develop electric vehicle technology.

At last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, some European countries officially announced a timetable for banning the sale of fuel vehicles. The Netherlands is more radical. The time limit for banning fuel vehicles has been set to 2025. Most of the rest is set to be between 2030 and 2040.

Mercedes-Benz plans to provide electric money for all models by 2022; Volvo announced that all new Volvo models will be equipped with motors from 2019 and that it plans to sell 1 million electrified vehicles by 2025; Volkswagen also announced that all models will be electrified by 2030 and traditional fuel vehicles will be completely stopped. Sales; as early as 2015, TOYOTA Motor said it would stop selling diesel vehicles by 2050.

At the same time, China's Ministry of industry and information has also launched a study on the timetable for the ban on fuel vehicles. On July 4, the NDRC drafted the Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry (Draft for Consultation). The policy requires strict control of the production capacity of new traditional fuel vehicles, active promotion of healthy and orderly development of new energy vehicles, and efforts to build an innovative development system for smart vehicles.

Chang'an Automobile launched the Shangri-La Plan in October last year, announcing that by 2025, the sale of traditional fuel vehicles will be completely suspended and all products will be electrified. Subsequently, Beiqi Group also said that 2025 to achieve a complete cessation of production and sales of its own brand of traditional fuel passenger cars in China.

In the long run, the global ban on fuel vehicles is a definite trend in the future. In the short term, the "Double Points Management Method" will greatly enhance the production scale of new energy vehicles in China and stimulate the demand of new energy automobile industry chain. It is suggested that we should pay attention to the upstream and downstream industries of the industry chain, including Hua You cobalt industry, Shanshan stock company, Tsun technology and SAIC Group.

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