The first week of the implementation of the new Beijing provident fund scheme: the first suite of commercial lending rates remain unchanged

The first week of the implementation of the new Beijing provident fund scheme: the first suite of commercial lending rates remain unchanged

Original Title: Provident Fund New Deal in the First Week: Capital First Suite Commercial Loan Rate unchanged Signature volume slightly reduced

Reporter Liu Meng

Although the Beijing Provident Fund policy has fanned its own butterfly wings, but temporarily did not transmit to the commercial lending field.

On the evening of September 13th, the new regulation of Beijing provident fund loans fell to the ground. Last Monday, the new regulation was formally implemented. "Securities Daily" reporter visited a number of banks and real estate intermediaries in Beijing recently learned: the first week of the implementation of the new provident fund policy, the mainstream commercial lending interest rate of the first suite is still 10% higher than the benchmark interest rate, individual banks up to 20%, and some banks have stopped lending; the second suite mainstream commercial lending interest rate is still the benchmark interest rate. The rate is up 20%. At the same time, bank staff and real estate intermediaries warned that the fourth quarter of each year there will be tight quotas, after the National Day holiday lending cycle may be gradually extended to more than three months.

First suite commercial loan interest rate unchanged

Around the Mid-Autumn Festival, a reporter from the Securities Daily visited and consulted several banks and real estate agents in Beijing as a buyer.

Several brokers told our reporter: "At present, the first mortgage interest rate has not changed, or 10% higher than the benchmark interest rate, the second mortgage interest rate is 20% higher than the benchmark interest rate."

A broker of a large real estate agent in Dongcheng District said: "The short-term order in the lender credit, income and other conditions to meet the requirements of the bank, the loan time is about 10 working days, the loan time is about one and a half months after the transfer."

The manager of a shop in Chaoyang District warned: "The fourth quarter may be tight and the lending cycle is estimated to be more than three months."

A real estate agent in Haidian District said: "At present, we have not received bank notification, and there are many cooperative banks. Generally speaking, we will choose to have sufficient funds, lend quickly, and float to a lower degree." Banks are for home buyers to choose from, unless banks raise lending rates on a large scale, the adjustment of individual banks has little impact on the market.

The reporter of Securities Daily also consulted more than 13 banks in Beijing, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Beijing Bank, Nanjing Bank, Everbright Bank, Minsheng Bank, Pudong Development Bank, Huaxia Bank and Industrial Bank as buyers. Dot. Among them, loan managers at eight banks said the first mortgage rate was 10% higher than the benchmark rate; three banks said it was 15% higher; one bank said it was 20% higher; and one bank said it was suspending purchases.

Among these banks, one said that due to business adjustments, new purchases were no longer accepted in the near future. In the past, orders that had not been approved and had not been approved were subject to lending rates.

In these banks, 2 banks have approved mortgage loan terms. Among them, a city commercial bank customer manager told the "Securities Daily" reporter: "in the application for loans, we need to deal with a credit card, the type of credit card by the customer's own choice, you can choose not to open the card, but can not be cancelled in the near future." The account manager of a joint-stock bank headquartered in Beijing said: "The applicant needs to apply for a debit card of our bank and deposit a fixed deposit or large certificate of deposit of more than 50,000 yuan for more than 3 months."

Among the 13 banks mentioned above, the account managers of three banks said: "Our bank only cooperates with real estate intermediaries and does not accept individual mortgage loans. Please consult the intermediaries for details."

At the same time, some bank account managers remind our reporter: "the fourth quarter will be relatively tense, the loan cycle is estimated to be longer and longer."

Rong 360 monitoring data show that in August 2018, the national first home loan average interest rate was 5.69%, equivalent to the benchmark interest rate of 1.161 times, up 0.35%, compared with August 2017 5 5.12% interest rate rose by 11.13%, which is also since January 2017 20 consecutive months of rise.

Among them, the average interest rate for first home loans in Beijing was 5.47%, unchanged from the previous month, while the average interest rate for second home loans was 5.9%, unchanged from the previous month.

Net signing decreased after implementation of new deal

"Securities Daily" reporter consulted the Beijing Municipal Housing Construction Commission stock housing contract statistics found that the number of housing contracts returned to stable and decreased after the new settlement of the provident fund, last week (September 17-23) the total number of residential contract sets 2173, including 306 on September 17, 425 on September 18, 529 on September 19. There were 449 sets on 20 February, 402 in September 21st, 38 in September 22nd and 24 in September 23rd.

It is worth mentioning that in the course of this reporter visiting the real estate intermediary, encountered a number of buyers to the intermediary to consult the dissolution of the contract. A buyer told reporters: "When signing the purchase contract, we agreed on a combination of loans, in which commercial loans were calculated according to the deduction of the provident fund loan of 1.2 million yuan. As a result of the policy adjustment, the provident fund can only loan 200,000 yuan, if adjusted to commercial loans, wage income is not enough to cover the repayment of twice the amount, worried that banks can not approve loans. At the same time, even if the banks can approve the approval, the repayment pressure will be too great.

There are also buyers asked, "when signing a purchase contract, there are three options, the first is if the loan is not approved or less, the buyer to transfer three days ago through the stock room transaction funds settlement special deposit account to make up for the difference, the second is force majeure reasons both sides can agree to dissolve the contract, the third is to extend a month to apply for commercial loans. . I didn't think there would be any problem with the loan. The first one was chosen. Now what if the seller didn't give the time to transfer the loan? Is the new regulation of provident fund a force majeure reason? "

For the consultation of buyers, real estate intermediaries are also difficult to give a precise answer, but said: "Buyers and sellers first communicate, communication can no longer think of other ways."

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