Apple industry chain has become the focus of institutional concern.

Apple industry chain has become the focus of institutional concern.

Original title: Agency research run broken leg company introduction, break the mouth is apple new product "cause trouble"

Author: Fei Tianyuan

Apple's A-share industry chain has once again caught the attention of the market as the company unveiled three new smartphones and a new Smartwatch at its new fall launch.

According to Eastern Wealth Choice data, 105 companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets disclosed their institutional survey records from September 17 to September 21 as of 24. Among them, the apple industry chain has become the focus of institutional concern.

Lixun received a total of 267 institutions last week, the number of reception agencies ranked first in the two cities, participating in research institutions including freshwater springs investment, Chongyang investment and other well-known private equity as well as UBS, Morgan Stanley and other QFII.

Lixun Precision in the research activities, said that the company in consumer electroacoustics, antennas, motors, wireless charging and other fields have accumulated for three to five years and precipitation, and cooperation with major customers this year began to develop rapidly. From the relevant business reserve point of view, the company's consumer electronics products will continue to be in a state of rapid development in the next few years. In addition, the company's business cooperation with some international customers in North America in recent years shows a rapid upward trend, and its contribution to the company's consumer electronic revenue is expected.

Brokerage analysts said the release of three new machines and a smart watch from Apple, a big customer of the company's precision, met expectations. The company's second half of the introduction of wireless charging, LCP antenna, linear motor and other new yield climb very smoothly, with the fourth quarter of the LCD version of the iPhone shipment, the company's results are expected to erupt.

Testing Electronics last week ushered in 13 institutions, including Morgan Stanley, Citibank and other foreign institutions. The company said in its research activities that it is optimistic about the development of the detection field in the next few years. In recent years, the market demand for flat panel display devices continues to grow, product technology renewal cycle is becoming shorter and shorter, and the corresponding national industry support is gradually increasing, which promotes the rapid growth of investment in China's flat panel display industry.

Precise measurement of Electronics emphasizes that it is not scientific to analyze the company's production and operation simply by comparing quarterly sales revenue. Because the company's customers are mostly large flat panel display manufacturers, and the investment intensity, investment rhythm and construction cycle of different customers are different, a single customer's large-scale purchasing of the company's products may have a greater impact on the seasonal distribution of the company's main business income. In accordance with the company's past sales rules, the proportion of the second half of the year's income is always higher than that of the whole year.

Last week, Xin Wanda hosted 4 institutions such as China Life Insurance. The company said that its subsidiary Dongguan Liwei Energy Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and consumes 3C core, widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, smart hardware and other consumer 3C products. In the second half of 2018, with the continuous improvement of the self-supply ratio of the company's consumption of class 3C cores, the company's overall revenue and profit margin level is expected to be further improved.

In addition to the above companies, Shentianma A, Dangsheng Technology and other Apple industry chain companies also received institutional research last week.

CITIC Securities believes that in 2018, Apple's sales of the three new aircraft is expected to be equal or slightly increased with the sales of the new aircraft in 2017, industry chain companies benefit more from innovative projects and share increases. Terminal pricing is conducive to maintaining Apple Corp's gross margin and easing the pressure of supply chain price cuts. The permeability of 3D photography, OLED and LCP antenna is expected to be improved, which will benefit the domestic leading companies in the field of card subdivision.

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