All circles in Hongkong mourn for Gao Kun, the Nobel prize winner in physics.

All circles in Hongkong mourn for Gao Kun, the Nobel prize winner in physics.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, September 24 (Reporter Gao Jie) Nobel Laureate in physics and former president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Gao Gong, 23, died, the community in Hong Kong has expressed condolences. Since the 24 day of the Hong Kong University, the condolence area has been set up for public mourning.

Within a month from the 24th, the University of Hong Kong has set up a condolence area at the University's exhibition hall. The portrait of Kao Kung, a condolence pamphlet and a white flower basket have been placed in the area and a film introducing Kao Kung's life has been broadcast. Hong Kong middle high level 24 morning to mourning District mourning.

The Acting Principal of HKCU, Mr. Hua Yunsheng, said that the school had asked Mrs. Wong Mei-yun, Kao Kung's wife, for permission to set up a funeral committee. A number of mourning activities will be held in the school in the coming month.

Shen Zuyao, former president of HKCU, said that Kao Kung had made a great contribution to HKCU, and his selflessness was the most valuable.

Huang Yongcheng, Dean of the University of Hong Kong, said that Gao Kun is friendly and easy-going, and he is the most admired professor. What impressed him most was that when he was president of HKCU, he devoted all his energies to academic research and school management without taking the time to show himself.

In a statement issued by HKCU on the 23rd, the president, Duan Chongzhi, said that Kao Kung was an outstanding scholar and a visionary leader in higher education. As the third president of HKCU, he actively promoted the overall development of HKCU, established a solid foundation, opened up space for the development of talented people and achieved outstanding results. He also strives for innovation in research, and he strives for excellence.

Xie Feng, Commissioner of the Ministry of foreign affairs in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, expressed deep condolences to Gao Kun's death. In his letter of condolence to Mrs. Gao, Huang Meiyun, he said that Mr. Gao was a Patriot with lofty moral integrity and a world-renowned academic champion. He not only made great achievements in scientific research, but also enjoyed high esteem from all walks of life. Although Mr. Gao Kun has passed away, his spirit is always in existence.

Senior officials of the Hong Kong SAR Government, including the Secretary for Administration, the Financial Secretary, the Innovation and Technology Bureau, the Education Bureau and the Food and Health Bureau, expressed their deep condolences to Mr. Gao and his family.

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Zhang Jianzhong, said that Professor Gao Kung was a model of a generation of Hong Kong people, a light of Hong Kong and a pride of us. He not only devoted himself to scientific research and education, but also helped to establish the Hong Kong Science Park. He also established a Kao Kung Charity Fund with his wife to assist patients with cognitive impairment.

Yang Weixiong, director of innovation and Technology Bureau, said Professor Gao Kun was a pioneer of Hongkong science and technology. His efforts and personal achievements have inspired countless scientific and technological workers and exerted a profound influence on the development of local science and technology.

Yang Runxiong, director of the Education Bureau, said that Professor Gao Gong was honored as the "father of optical fiber communication" and devoted his whole life to pursuing scientific research breakthroughs. Besides being highly praised in the higher education sector, he also made great contributions to the development of science and technology in the world. He will never forget his outstanding contributions to scientific research and development and higher education.

In 1966, Gao first put forward the basic principle of optical fiber in communication, and developed the auxiliary system needed to realize optical communication, which contributed to the emergence of the Internet. He won the Nobel prize in physics in 2009 for his achievements in the field of optical fiber.

At 11:45 on the morning of 23, Gao Kun died in Hongkong at the age of 84.

Gao was diagnosed with cerebral degeneration in 2002, and in 2010, he and his wife Huang Meiyun set up a charity fund to raise public awareness of the disease. Huang Meiyun said in a statement on the 23rd that the Kao Kung Charity Foundation will inherit Professor Kao's will and continue to provide services for patients with cerebral degeneration and their families. (finish)

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