The room ordered half a month ago was called 880 yuan a night.

The room ordered half a month ago was called 880 yuan a night.

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Reservations were made more than half a month in advance, but because of the shortage of housing during the National Day, sellers were told that someone was going to pay 880 yuan a night, customers either raise prices or cancel orders! Mr. Wang disagreed and said "the first time I encountered such a situation". On the evening of September 19, the seller found him again and said he was willing to pay 380 yuan. Mr. Wang finally gave up the house.

Business day prices rise

"If you want a room, you need to make an early reservation." There is still more than a week away from the golden week of national day, but the hotel reservation has reached its peak.

Mr. Wang and his friends wanted to start the National Day playground, so they booked a suite of accommodation named YOUR HOME through a network platform in advance, from Oct. 4 to 7, with a total price of about 1100 yuan.

Since the reservation has been successfully made, the price should not be changed. But recently, the seller told him that the National Day house price "water rises the boat high", some people want 880 one night, Mr. Wang's low price has "brought the competition pressure to the peers". The price of a single room is more than 200, let alone Mr. Wang plus money.

In this regard, Mr. Wang said that "not unwilling to raise the price, but I myself was this price early booked." Seeing the discussion fruitless, the seller further indicated that he would pay Mr. Wang 50% of the first night room fee, that is, more than 100 yuan to cancel the order, or suggested that Mr. Wang stay only two nights ago, "The itinerary has been arranged, how can we say that change? Moreover, during the National Day itself is difficult to find a room, "he did not accept this, and the matter was reflected to the Sina Black Cat complaints platform.

The customer accepted the compensation and retired.

On the evening of September 19, a reporter from Zijinshan discovered through the network platform that Mr. Wang's booking for a three-room homestay page was marked with a price of about 350 yuan. Subsequently, the reporter consulted the seller as a customer, and increased the price to the seller 1000 yuan booking suite. The other side said that although the suite is full, but can be booked through a single room, offline will leave a suite, the other side said, "specially cancelled the room of others, also paid a liquidated damages, only to leave you."

Coincidentally, Mr. Wang sent the reporters a record of the dialogue between the two sides. "Just that night the landlord contacted us again. Let's cancel the order as soon as possible and compensate us for the room charge of 380 yuan a day." In the end, Mr. Wang volunteered to accept the settlement plan and let the house out.

The next day, the reporter found that the price of the homestay page quickly "soared" into about 1300 yuan. For such a large price gap, customer service staff said that during the National Day period, the supply of housing tension, daily prices are changing, and before the price of more than 300 yuan for a single room. In addition, because the platform will charge merchants handling fees, the other party suggested to change the order price to 388 yuan, until the reporter checked in and then pay 3500 yuan offline.

But is the businessman really asking Mr. Wang to cancel the order because of the increase in the price of the reporter? Is someone really asking for 880 yuan a night?

On September 20, the reporter contacted the accommodation by telephone, the other side said that "there is no malicious price increase" thing, although some people want to bid to book a room, but also did not force Mr. Wang to check out, after consultation, "you like it", the claim scheme has been voluntarily agreed. In addition, because Mr. Wang chose the date of check-in just because the seller's personal reasons can not operate, so the proposal to cancel, and the proposal to consumers offline payment, the other side said they did not know, and then hung up the phone.

Subsequently, the Zijinshan reporter reflected the matter to the platform, customer service personnel said that the two sides on the final results of the consultation were voluntary agreement, but if the merchant to consumers offline payment is induced behavior, consumers to retain evidence for the platform to verify.


Rescission of contract system

Voluntarily not illegal

Then, is it a breach of contract? In this regard, Jiangsu Li'anxiang Law Firm Xu Chao attorney believes that consumers booked and paid in advance, the consumer and business contract relationship has been established, business can not be cancelled unilaterally. In this case, the consumer can not cancel the order, then go through the check-in formalities directly, but now the consumer voluntarily accept compensation from the merchant, canceled the order, reached the agreement to cancel the contract, does not violate laws and regulations.

In this case, the merchants unilaterally raise the price or cancel the occupancy is a breach of contract, should be compensated to consumers. As of press release, the homestay was under the platform.

(Mr. Wang is the surname).

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