Microsoft began to support Google AMP technology in its own Bing search engine.

Microsoft began to support Google AMP technology in its own Bing search engine.

Sina Technologies News September 25 morning, according to Taiwan media reported that Microsoft began to own search engine Bing service, adding AMP Viewer and AMP cache, Bing mobile device search results, has been able to display support AMP web pages.

Microsoft joined Google's Open Source Accelerated Mobile Pages in 2016 to speed up Bing's search with fewer elements and ads, plus well-designed typography. Now Microsoft is launching the first phase of AMP browser and AMP rotation service deployment, in Bing's news rotation page, you can see the link after the AMP lightning icon, which means that the page has enabled AMP technology.

Users in the U.S. can get search results marked with AMP icons by browsing the page and clicking on the news search page. Currently available only in the United States, officials say they will provide links to AMP icons in more areas and pages in phases.

Bing Search Engine uses AMP protocol to cache and provide a cache copy of AMP content on a Web page, thus speeding up the user's browsing experience. So if the site wants its own page to use AMP technology in the Bing search engine, it needs to allow Bingbot, a Microsoft crawler, to grab AMP content and share it across the domain (CORS). Microsoft noted that AMP-enabled websites and advertisers, in addition to authorizing the domain for CORS, now need to add to the list of permissions.

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