Niu technology disclosure risk: companies rely heavily on offline distribution networks.

Niu technology disclosure risk: companies rely heavily on offline distribution networks.

Beijing time on September 25 morning news, Maverick Electric submitted a prospectus to the SEC, plans to raise up to $150 million in the IPO, to be listed in Nasdaq, the stock code is "NIU". Its price range, circulation and other information have not been disclosed. Credit Suisse and Citigroup will be co lead underwriters, Needham & and Company as associate underwriters.

In the prospectus, Niu Dian Technology revealed that brand, innovation, distribution network, external suppliers, quality, privacy and other issues may become a risk factor in the company's business.

The following are risk factors for cattle technology business:

Our success depends on the continued strength of the brand. If we fail to maintain the brand and consolidate it, business and operating performance may be seriously affected.

- Our business depends on continuous innovation, on the successful launch of new products and services, on changing customer preferences, and we may not be able to predict and respond in a timely manner.

- We rely heavily on City partners and franchises to help companies sell and distribute smart electric motorcycles, and our success depends on offline distribution networks.

- We rely heavily on external suppliers to provide specific components and materials for smart electric motors.

- we are still losing money and we may continue to lose money in the future.

- The quality of our products and services may lead to a decline in sales, seriously affecting operational performance and harming the company's reputation.

- We may be forced to recall products or take other actions, which will seriously damage the brand image and affect operating performance.

- Attracting a wide variety of users is our marketing strategy to stimulate sales growth that may not be sustainable in the future.

- in two rounds of electric motorcycle market, we may face fierce competition.

- We may not be able to prevent other companies from using our intellectual property without authorization, thereby hurting our business and weakening our competitiveness.

- We may face patent, trademark or other patent infringement charges, be forced to defend ourselves, take a long time to litigate, and may cause us great losses.

- Our patents may expire or cannot be extended, our patents may fail to pass, patents may be disputed, bypassed, invalid, or limited in scope of application, and our patents may not effectively protect our own business.

- we may be seriously hurt by negative publicity.

- We may encounter product liability and insurance claims, increase direct and indirect costs, and retailers may cause business difficulties, harm business, and affect operating performance.

- We may not be able to meet legal or regulatory requirements, may not be able to meet authorization, licensing, registration, certification requirements, or continue to meet requirements.

- Our smart electric motorcycles must meet safety standards. If they fail to meet these standards, they may have a serious impact on business and operational performance.

- we retain user personal information and may violate various privacy and consumer protection laws.

- Because sustained international expansion will inevitably have a variety of cost, risk factors, expansion may not be successful, high costs may seriously affect our profitability and operating performance.

- we rely on the third party logistics service providers to distribute online sales orders and specific overseas orders.

Production may be difficult and operations may be disrupted because of mechanical failures, inability of public facilities to guarantee demand or paralysis, fires, natural disasters or other disasters near plant facilities.

- In preparing consolidated financial statements for this prospectus, we and our independent CPA firm found an important flaw in the internal control of financial statements. If we do not have an effective internal control system for financial statements to keep the system running properly, we may not be able to accurately disclose financial performance or prevent fraud.

- If our suppliers and distributors fail to comply with ethical business practices and laws and regulations, our brand image may be hurt by negative publicity.

- If our IT systems or third-party partners encounter any major cyber security attacks or disruptions, our customer relationships can be seriously compromised and have serious reputation, financial, legal or operational consequences for the company.

- Keeping the core management team and other key players is the key to our success, and we may not be able to keep them.

- We are still a relatively young company that may not be able to sustain high growth, manage growth, and effectively implement business strategies.

- Rising employee costs and inflation may seriously affect the company's business, hamper the company's profitability goals or hurt profitability.

Our business needs to invest huge amounts of capital. In the future, if we need more money, we may sell additional equity or debt securities, which may dilute shareholders'equity, or sign contracts that restrict our operations or dividends.

- Our business is affected by seasonal and quarterly factors, and if sales fall short of expectations, our overall financial position and operating performance may be severely impacted.

- Weak economies and economic uncertainties can seriously affect consumer disposable spending, which in turn affects the demand for company products and services.

- Because insurance coverage is limited, we may suffer huge losses and disrupt business.

- According to the equity incentive plan, we have issued and will continue to issue options and other types of incentives in the future, so equity compensation costs may rise.

- The competition for highly skilled personnel has always been intense, and we may suffer losses or fail to attract, integrate and retain qualified personnel to meet current and future needs.

- because of strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions, we take corresponding risks or may take some risks.

- because of trade tariffs or other trade barriers, our business may be significantly affected. (Dirk)

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