Vice president of glory products: Magic2 will adopt graphene technology.

Vice president of glory products: Magic2 will adopt graphene technology.

Sina Technologies News September 25 noon news, Vice President of Glory Products Xiong Junmin recently revealed that the upcoming release of Glory Magic 2 in addition to sliding screen design and screen fingerprints, will also use graphene technology.

In the recent IFA2018, glory President Zhao Ming exposed the glory of Magic 2 ahead of time. At that time, Zhao Ming revealed that Magic 2 can achieve nearly 100% full screen with sliding screen design, and will be the first to carry the new generation chip Kirin 980 of Huawei. Caused widespread concern outside.

Zhao Ming further disclosed in the interview that Magic 2 is basically in mass production, "along with the progress of Kylin 980, if not for the use of Kylin 980, may have been released early." For Magic 2's slidescreen design, he says, it's not just the slidescreen that turns on the camera, but more AI-related features.

Later, Xiong Junmin, vice president of glory products, revealed that Magic2 will support fingerprint identification under the screen. This also means that the Magic 2 will be Huawei's first or earlier batch of off-screen fingerprint recognition models.

Recently, Xiong Junmin, vice president of Glory Products, said, "We have already prepared the sliding screen structure, but in order to let everyone experience the ultimate performance, we are willing to wait for six months for Kirin 980, of course, while waiting, we have been on the glory Magic 2 in-depth grinding, let it The other day I confirmed that Glory Magic 2 will be equipped with off-screen fingerprint technology, and that the expected graphene technology will be pioneered by Glory Magic 2, which is not the whole story, and there will be more surprises when Glory Magic 2 is released.

At present, cell phone batteries encounter bottlenecks in size, capacity and life. It is believed that graphene batteries will become the next breakthrough direction of battery technology. Graphene batteries are a new kind of energy batteries developed by utilizing the characteristics of lithium ion's rapid and large-scale shuttle movement between graphene surface and electrode. Larger capacity, faster charging and longer endurance.

But glory hasn't yet revealed how far Glory Magic 2's graphene battery technology has come. (Zhang Jun)

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