11 year old * "pig strong" minus 100 Jin can not only stand up but also walk.

11 year old *

Original title: Inspirational! 11 year old pig strong * 100 Jin can not only stand up but also take a walk.

Cover news reporter Wu Bingqing

Even * pig is thin. Do you mean fat? Recently, after the * Wenchuan earthquake, the pig was strong again. At the beginning of the year, because it was too fat and leg disease could not stand up, it not only stood up, but also resumed walking. Some netizens took a video of * pig strong walking, calling Tai Lizhi.

In the crowd, * the pig is strong, with its head bent and its feet moving difficultly. This is around 3:20 p.m. on September 22nd, the netizen "Ma Zi three paintings" was taken in the Jianchuan Museum.

The protagonist of the video was rescued 36 days after being buried in the Wenchuan earthquake and became a "national Idol". * the netizen was named "pig strong". In the next ten years, * "pig strong" lived in the Jianchuan museum to receive fans from all over the world. In January this year, the director of Jianchuan Museum, Fan Jianchuan, said a micro-blog * 11 year old "pig strong", with no legs and legs, insisted on the habit of walking 10 *, sooner or later.

From the video taken by netizens "ma * Zi three pictures", at present, "pig strong" has been able to get up again and walk. "At that time, I walked with him back to the * pig house", about more than 10 meters away from the distance of 100 meters, but I thought it was very good.

Later, Fan Jianchuan also sent micro-blog to say that from the beginning of the year to now, * "pig strong" has lost more than 100 Jin, and now he can take a walk sooner or later.

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