AIDS is hard to prevent? Don't panic. These are rumors.

AIDS is hard to prevent? Don't panic. These are rumors.

Original title: AIDS is impossible to guard against? Don't panic! These are rumors.

Beijing, September 25 (Xiaojinbo Yang Xiaohan) swimming pool infection, worms sucking blood, malicious revenge... HIV lurking around, so that people can not guard against it? "Truth" column of the recent five rumors about the spread of AIDS, hope that the majority of Internet users correctly understand AIDS, understand the basic knowledge, do not believe in rumors, no rumors.

First, the spread of "AIDS girl" that we want to revenge society?

[Rumor] In August this year, a chat screenshot was circulated on the Internet and among friends. According to chat records, a woman said she had been diagnosed with AIDS, and claimed that she would infect at least 60 people within a month to retaliate on the Chongqing market. Some people have been infected. Recently, the news was again spread in Sichuan Dazhou local forum and WeChat group. "Truth" column reporters on the Internet search found that similar news in Anhui, Chongqing, Guangxi and other places have been circulated, chat screenshots of the location information has been modified, as well as "revenge Shuidong Market" version.

[Truth] On September 6, the Dazhou network police dispelled rumors of "AIDS women retaliating against Chongqing market" through microblogging, and verified that the news was a rumor. Rumors of similar versions have appeared in many parts of the country, and local internet police departments have cracked down on this. "Truth-seeking" prompted that Wechat chat screenshots can be generated and modified by the editor, Netizens found such chat record rumors, should check with the relevant departments or local police, to avoid rumors.

Two, Wuhan Optics Valley subway station surprised "AIDS needle"?

[Rumor] On August 27, Wuhan netizens reported to the local media that an AIDS patient's malicious revenge on society posted on the Internet at Guanggu subway station. Poster said, August 12 noon, suspected AIDS in the subway station toilet to their own blood, and this "AIDS needle" injured innocent passers-by, deliberately spread HIV. The poster said he was also one of the victims. After being pricked, he went to the hospital for emergency treatment, and went to the CDC for blood tests and took blocking drugs. Doctors said more than one person was recently pricked by an "AIDS needle". Finally, the poster reminds you to keep a safe distance from people you don't know.

[Truth] Wuhan police through the official micro "safe Wuhan" to dispel the rumor, the police access to recent alarm records, Guanggu area did not find a similar alarm record. Dongxin police have found the poster of the information source. After preliminary investigation, the stickers reflect the situation is not true. "Truth" prompted that in crowded areas, people should try to keep a safe distance from others, if suspected to be "AIDS needle" stabbed, should promptly alarm and consult experts for virus testing.

Three. How many people in Jiangsu Wuxi entertainment place are infected with AIDS?

[Rumor] In late July, the Internet spread a "Wuxi glamorous Huadu, Buckingham, Oscar and other places of entertainment, many people infected with AIDS" news, aroused the concern and discussion of netizens. The news was first circulated among Wechat groups, a woman said her sister worked in a community hospital, the last time to go to an entertainment blood collection found six people suffering from AIDS, before another entertainment blood collection detected more than a dozen AIDS patients.

[Truth] After investigation by the local public security organs, it was proved that the news was rumored. The police arrested Hu, who was suspected of releasing false information and disturbing public order, and imposed a penalty of 7 days'administrative detention. According to the investigation, Hu did not work in the community hospital sister, nor did he see doctors or nurses to glamour Huadu, Buckingham and Oscar blood collection, about AIDS news is Hu made up for the eye. On July 26, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Liangxi District of Wuxi issued a statement saying that the center had conducted disease intervention and surveillance on 71 people in Charming Huadu before March without any abnormalities; Buckingham Grand Hotel was not included in the intervention and surveillance unit.

Four, Jiangsu Huaian gymnasium swimming pool was found HIV?

[Rumor] Recently, a Weixin group in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, has information that HIV has been detected in the swimming pool of Huaiyin gymnasium, and now several people have been found to be infected with AIDS, and let everyone tell each other not to go swimming, in order to prevent infection.

[Truth] Huaiyin Branch of Huai'an Public Security Bureau, the police in the micro-blog to dispel rumors that the network Huaiyin gymnasium swimming pool was found HIV false news. According to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education issued the organization of the "basic knowledge of AIDS prevention among adolescents," the introduction of HIV through sexual contact, blood and mother-to-child transmission, and the virus will soon die after leaving the human body. The daily life and general contact with HIV-infected people and patients will not be infected with AIDS, such as eating together, swimming, using the bathroom and so on. No cases of AIDS have been found through saliva, tears, sweat or urine.

(photo source: Huaian Municipal Public Security Bureau Huaiyin Branch police Sina micro-blog @ Sakura)

Five, the bite of a blood sucking bug will get "new AIDS"?

[Rumor] In early July, a number of articles appeared on the Internet, there is a small insect spread "new AIDS", will be bitten to get sick, Guangzhou has launched a city-wide reward hunt. This news sparked public attention and alarm.

[Truth] On July 5, the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a Wechat public message urging people to "find worms and people" called trypanosomes, which feed on human blood and transmit Trypanosomiasis. The disease has a low diagnostic rate and no vaccine prophylaxis. Some scholars call it "new AIDS". According to experts from Guangzhou CDC, this is because the current outbreak pattern in the Americas is very similar to the spread of early AIDS, but there is a great difference between Trypanosomiasis and AIDS. In addition, trypanosomes are only the vectors of Trypanosomiasis Americana, which does not mean that all trypanosomes carry Trypanosomiasis virus, and bites in non-endemic areas are not necessarily problematic. Guangzhou's CDC says it is only for investigation that people need not be overly nervous.

(source: Sina micro-blog @ Jiangsu network police)

Spreading AIDS rumors at will not only cause social panic, but also may lead to public misunderstanding of AIDS, and even discrimination against AIDS. "Truth" prompted that AIDS is a very high mortality rate of serious infectious diseases, there is no cure drugs and methods, but can be prevented. Active prevention of AIDS is the responsibility of the whole society, the public should strengthen the basic knowledge of AIDS prevention and treatment, care for and help people infected with HIV and patients.

Editor in chief: Wu Jinming

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