Internet addiction disorder is common in young people, and Internet addiction treatment will be standardized in China.

Internet addiction disorder is common in young people, and Internet addiction treatment will be standardized in China.

Original Title: The National Health and Health Commission's "Key Points" for Adolescent Health Education on Scientific Response to Internet Addiction

Author: Xu Wen

Xinjing News (Reporter Xu Wen) The National Health Commission held a press conference today (September 25) to officially announce the "Core Information and Interpretation of Adolescent Health Education in China". Nine major psychological problems, including myopia, overweight, smoking, depression and Internet addiction, were included in the report. The reporter was informed at the meeting that our country is formulating the treatment standard of Internet addiction and will be released soon.

Internet addiction is common among adolescents worldwide.

In recent years, Internet addiction among adolescents is widespread. Lu Lin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University, said at the meeting that the incidence of adolescent overdependence on the Internet was 6% worldwide and nearly 10% in China.

Lu Lin said that the so-called Internet addiction is that teenagers can not control their excessive dependence on the Internet, or repeatedly use the Internet, resulting in learning, occupational and social functions problems, lasting a period of time to become a symptom of Internet addiction.

Internet addiction includes many contents, such as game addiction, pornography addiction, information collection addiction, Internet relationship addiction, Internet gambling addiction, Internet shopping addiction and so on.

China will release treatment guidelines for Internet Addiction Disorder

Speaking of the treatment of Internet addiction, Lu Lin revealed that China has not yet excessive dependence on the Internet treatment norms, but is in the process of formulation, has been discussed by experts, will soon be officially released.

At present, the treatment of adolescent Internet addiction in medical institutions is mainly in accordance with the treatment norms of anxiety and depression. Lu Lin explains that over-reliance on the Internet is only a phenomenon. Half of the children are addicted to the Internet because of other problems, such as parental problems, academic problems, attention deficit disorders, anxiety or depression. Teenagers often become over-reliant on the Internet because of these problems.

"Therefore, the clinical treatment of adolescent anxiety, depression, hyperactivity disorder, excessive dependence on the network, will be in accordance with the relevant treatment criteria for treatment. Generally speaking, if these diseases are improved, adolescents'over-dependence on the Internet can also be significantly improved. He said.

Previously, the WHO has put Internet addiction into mental and mental illness, causing controversy. "We also have different opinions on this." But the WHO's original intention was to help adolescents reduce overuse of the Internet by giving more attention to the problem, providing more help, and even getting insurance support for treatment, Lu said.

Teenagers can get rid of Internet dependence through social interaction and joining clubs.

According to the "Core Information and Interpretation of Health Education for Chinese Youth" published today, mastering scientific coping methods, maintaining a positive and healthy mental state, actively participating in sports activities and social practice, asking for help in time can reduce psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and Internet addiction.

Lu Lin suggested that teenagers should correctly understand the network, correctly understand and evaluate themselves, should have long-term aspirations, and pay attention to learning. When the idea of indulging in the network appears, we should encourage ourselves, strengthen confidence, or seek help. We should recognize the harm of the network and the impact of Internet addiction on ourselves.

In addition, you can join clubs and take part in activities that you are interested in and get rid of the dependence on the Internet. Strengthening normal interpersonal communication, School Interaction and social interaction can also reduce the dependence on the Internet.

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