Taiwanese media: American fire dealers never looked at Taiwan even when they were not eligible.

Taiwanese media: American fire dealers never looked at Taiwan even when they were not eligible.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said Tuesday that it had informed Congress that the United States had agreed to sell $330 million worth of Taiwan's weapons, including F-16 fighter spare parts. However, in the arms industry cooperation between the United States and Taiwan, Taiwan has always been difficult to ascend the hall of elegance, in fact, even do not have the qualifications to be a younger brother of the United States.

According to a report by Taiwan media on September 24, the 16th "US-Taiwan Defense Industry" meeting was held recently. The Taiwan media said that the meeting had become a mere formality, tasteless food and regrettable abandonment. The Taiwan side participates every year, but the American arms dealers have never looked at the Taiwanese manufacturer in the eye, even when the younger brother is not qualified to enter the U.S. arms supply chain, the so-called industrial partners, just talk. Yan Defa, the head of the defense department in Taiwan, is not right.

It is reported that in recent years, Taiwan manufacturers actually do not want to go, and feel that they are wasting money and time. In his first year in office, Tsai Ying-wen organized a group to drag the manufacturer to the market. The manufacturer still went to the market, but he knew that he could not get orders from American firearms merchants for many times.

So in May this year, Green Camp invited American businessmen to Taiwan to hold the "Taiwan-US Defense Industry Forum" in Kaohsiung to give manufacturers a hope and save boat and cart labor. For manufacturers, since Taiwan will run year after year, the desire to go to the United States is even lower.

It is reported that the "US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference" was held in Florida in 2002 for the first time. Because it was held for the first time, Taiwan attaches great importance to it. Tang Yaoming, head of defense department, and Vice-Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz of the United States attended the conference. The situation is very strong and attracts much attention. Since then, most of the people in Taiwan have retired military officers or scholars who are related to the military. In the late years of Ma Ying-jeou's administration, the United States did not even send senior officials to attend speeches, but rather the opposition Democratic Progressive Party was quite enthusiastic to participate.

The report pointed out that it is undeniable that the military is still very cautious in dealing with arms dealers. Yan Defa did not attend the "Taiwan-US Defense Industry Forum" held in Taiwan for the first time this year. Meanwhile, the speech of Feng Shikuan, the former head of defense department, was cancelled temporarily.

It is time for the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference to change its course of action. If the format remains unchanged, the military may consider lowering the rank of the arms merchants and sending a Chief of Arms to attend the conference. The focus will be shifted to the Taiwan-US Defense Industry Forum.

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