"Red Tong" Chen Long returned home and surrendered to New Zealand for 4 years.

Original title: Inner Mongolia: Chen Long, a criminal suspect who has fled New Zealand for 4 years, has returned to surrender.

In September 18, 2018, Chen Long, a 4 year old criminal suspect who fled New Zealand, returned to China. This is the first person who has surrendered to flee the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region after the joint publication of the Notice on Urging Fugitive Persons Abroad in Duty Crime Cases to Surrender (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") by the State Supervisory Commission and other five ministries and commissions. It is also another important achievement in the pursuit and pursuit of stolen goods in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region since the deepening of the reform of the state The fruit of the war.

Chen Long, male, born in 1980, was a legal person of a group company in Fujian Province. He fled to New Zealand in 2014 on suspicion of bribery. On March 21, 2014, Tongliao City Kezuo Houqi Procuratorate investigates the suspect Chen Long with the crime of bribery by the suspected unit, and takes compulsory measures of criminal detention to pursue the stolen goods according to law.

After Chen Long fled, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tongliao City, and Kezuo Houqi three-level Commission for Discipline Inspection attached great importance to it. Under the coordination and guidance of the International Pursuit and Pursuit Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group, the work of pursuing and pursuing stolen goods was steadily intensified. After the announcement, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region pursued and escaped the policy of "lenient treatment for those who voluntarily surrendered to duty crime cases outside the country by December 31, 2018". The supervisory committee of the Discipline Inspection Commission (CDIC) was the main leader in front of them, and the three-level CDIC supervisory committee was in charge of its duties. The special personnel were responsible and the departments cooperated with each other. He talked about policies, laws, economic accounts and family accounts, and finally succeeded in persuading Chen to return under strong pressure of pursuing and pursuing stolen goods. At present, the case is handled in accordance with the law by the Discipline Inspection Committee of Tongliao left rear banner.

Since 2018, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has recovered 20 fugitives, of whom 7 have voluntarily surrendered. This achievement fully demonstrates that the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, has a clear attitude and firm determination to run and chase to the end. Heaven and earth will recover. Chen Long's return proves once again that overseas is not a "paradise of evasion". Only by returning to China as soon as possible and striving for leniency is the only correct choice.

Source: WeChat public number "Inner Mongolia Commission for Discipline Inspection"

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