The news fly responded to the "AI simultaneous fake": never conceal the voice of simultaneous transmission.

The news fly responded to the

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Sina Technologies News September 25 afternoon news, in response to the recent "AI simultaneous falsification" disturbance, HKUST News Fly today in its Wechat public signal again responded that HKUST News Fly did not falsify, never "conceal" the transcription of simultaneous voice, there is no possibility of infringing the intellectual property rights of simultaneous interpretation.

In view of the academic background and the specialties involved in the International Conference on Innovation and Emerging Industries 2018, the HKUST News Flight explained that the conference group chose to transcribe the speakers'and simultaneous interpreters' voices using the word "Hearing" as the basis. For this project, the conference management team and the conference companies and translation companies cooperating with this meeting fully communicated and agreed before the meeting, and asked the translation company to inform the simultaneous messengers.

HKUST News Fei said that we will reserve the right to appeal to the law for organizations or individuals who continue to blacken HKUST News Fei, fabricate false information, mislead the public and damage our reputation.

Recently, an article entitled "Synchronized Interpretation of AI by Xunfei is accused of falsification: exposed personally with interpreters, Xunfei used human translation to impersonate AI" has aroused public concern. The netizen said that the simultaneous interpreter of HKUST read the two translators'manuscripts and broadcast them live in machine sound without their knowledge, and on a live platform "wrote the intelligent translation" of HKUST "and" used their translation results without their consent.

"This explanation is acceptable to me. From my point of view, it can be assumed that Xuanfei did not take the initiative to make fakes, but there are relatively large problems in its marketing and public relations, which objectively laissez-faire the excessive publicity of the media, leading to misunderstandings on all sides," the netizen wrote again earlier today.

The following is the full text of the response:

True gold is not afraid of fire.

Fellow flight colleagues:

Hello everyone! Recently, there have been a lot of discussions on the Internet about the "simultaneous AI transmission of HKUST news flights" and even articles with malicious obliteration purposes. This discussion was triggered by a simultaneous interpreter who misunderstood the transcription function of "hearing by flying" as "simultaneous transmission by machine". On September 24, Vice President of Consumer BG and General Manager of Science and Technology Wang Wei fully communicated with the person and explained that the person subsequently posted a post saying that "HKUST News Flight has not made any fake."

One of the reasons for this misunderstanding is that the organizers have twice explained to the conference and translation companies how to use the subtitle technology and display mode of the hearing system in advance and asked the translation companies to inform simultaneous interpretation in advance. "At this point, I did listen to the parties later said that the meeting with me was relatively late, reportedly other interpreter teachers were informed, perhaps because I was sure I missed one of them late," is really a little emotional, more embarrassed.

We must tell you clearly that there is no fraud in HKUST. In order to get your colleagues to understand the ins and outs of the incident, the following facts are specially restored.

From September 19 to 20, the International Conference on Innovation and the Development of Emerging Industries was held in Shanghai. The conference was co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The organizers of the conference made it clear that the speech of the lecturers and the voice of the simultaneous speakers would be improved by the use of the intelligent conference system. Lines of real-time transcription of text on the screen, the implementation of this specific program, the organizer has been in full communication with the HKUST Flight, translation company and reached an agreement. The speech synthesis and live broadcast of the text uploaded by the simultaneous transmitters are the specific needs of the sponsors. HKUST News Flight only provides technical support for this purpose, and the live broadcast process has nothing to do with HKUST News Flight. The sponsors and the Chinese Academy of Engineering made it clear that there was no fraud and fully affirmed the leadership of ITU's technological achievements.

1. The University of science and technology has never concealed the news of simultaneous transmission.

Considering the academic background and the specialties involved in the International Conference on Innovation and Emerging Industries 2018, the conference group chose to transcribe the speaker and simultaneous interpreter's voice with "Hearing by Sony".

For this project, the conference management team and the conference companies and translation companies cooperating with this meeting fully communicated and agreed before the meeting, and asked the translation company to inform the simultaneous messengers.

In addition, HKUST News Flight was asked to synthesize the text on the screen from the live simultaneous transmitters and broadcast it synchronously through the KNOWLEDGE Live Platform. The aim is to show the latest achievements of intelligent speech synthesis technology.

The technical proposals offered are all provided at the request of the sponsors and are fully transparent to all parties. During the two-day meeting, HKUST News Flight has been supporting the meeting in accordance with the established plan. The meeting will be "News Flight Hearing" rather than "Machine Translation". In addition, on the afternoon of September 19, Liu Qingfeng, chairman of HKUST Xunfei, gave a keynote speech on "Building an Artificial Intelligence Innovation System Together" at the main forum of the conference, which also gave a clear explanation of simultaneous voice transcription.

Throughout the process, we have always adhered to the principles of sunshine, transparency and pragmatic communication, which is also our long-standing adherence to the basic values.

2. There is no possibility of violating simultaneous interpretation of intellectual property rights.

HKUST News Flight and its interpreters are both technical service providers of the Conference Services Group, and there is no possibility of infringement of interpreters'intellectual property rights in the process. Relevant intellectual property protection issues can be referred to the AIIC-United Nations Agreement:

According to Part IV of the AIIC-United Nations Agreement (Agreement of the Association of Interpreters of the United Nations International Conferences), Working Conditions (Conditions of Work) on Disclaimer for broadcasting, the original text is as follows: An audio/video file of interpretation shall be the property of the employing O: Rganization. (Interpretation of audio / video files for all employer's property rights).

3. HKUST's technology can be translated and translated.

The simultaneous interpretation of posts can be seen on two screens, one showing the speaker's speech in English and the other showing the simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, but this does not mean that HUST has only "transcription function" and no "machine translation" function.

Xunfei Hearing Intelligent Conference System is a real-time voice transcription and multi-lingual real-time translation system. It has two schemes, one has the function of "machine translation". The automatic off-line translation is carried out on the conference site and displayed on the screen synchronously, without any manual co-transmission participation. The logo is displayed as "flight hearing-AI off-line translation system". The other has the function of "listening and transcribing". The speech of the conference is transcribed into the speech of the conference. The screen on the text is displayed on Logo as "fly by air". These two programs will be used in different conference scenarios.

In fact, at the Shanghai World Congress on Artificial Intelligence on September 17, Xunfei heard two kinds of translation models were applied and provided full automatic off-line translation services for many guests.

On the morning of September 17th, there were twelve speakers at the important main forum. In addition to three of them used the man-machine collaboration to hear the "transfer", the rest of them used the fully automated offline Machine Translation, including Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Lei Jun and other guests. The function of Machine Translation is displayed on the screen in Chinese and English at the same time.

According to background statistics, Machine Translation service of HKUST is currently up to about 6500000 times a day. You can listen to APP by downloading the news, and first experience the transliteration and translation effect on the phone.

4. Machine translation will reach CET-8 next year, which can better meet the needs of daily communication, but it can not replace simultaneous transmission.

At present, the MT of HKUST has reached the level of CET-6 and CET-8 in 2019.

Since its launch, the function of machine translation in Tianmao and Jingdong has achieved 99% praise, which can better meet the daily communication needs, but the level of machine translation can not replace simultaneous transmission.

For example, in conference settings, especially when it comes to politics, technology and more sensitive or professional meetings, not all word-to-word translation can convey the speaker's message. Simultaneous interpreters need to integrate the speaker's words to convey the speaker's intentions and attitudes, which is currently difficult for machine translation. This is another reason why HUST has explored the path of man-machine coupling - making the machine an assistant in simultaneous transmission, improving the efficiency and accuracy of simultaneous transmission.

5, "man-machine coupling" is not only the trend of technological development, but also the requirement of social ethics development.

"Man-machine coupling" includes two ways: one is that people and machines work together to accomplish a task (for example, through machine transcription and simultaneous translation to achieve a large screen display, through speech synthesis to synthesize the text of the simultaneous teacher into multi-lingual sound), the other is that the machine acts as an assistant to complete a certain task. Task (for example, "interpreter assistant" of HKUST and Shanghai International Studies University).

As early as in 2016, the chairman of HUST, Liu Qingfeng, put forward the concept of "man-machine coupling" for the first time, and predicted that "the deep coupling between man and machine will bring about the great bang of human intelligence".

On October 21, 2017, HUST Xunfei jointly established the Shanghai International Studies University-HUST Xunfei Intelligent Interpretation and Translation Research Joint Laboratory, hoping to explore new ways to train and assist translators through the cooperation of machines and people: to help with interpreting. As an interpreter, we provide the results of transcription and translation as a reference to improve the accuracy and reduce the pressure of short-term memory; help interpreters to reduce the pressure of note taking and improve the accuracy.

At this year's "Intelligence Fair" in Chongqing (August 23) and the "World Congress of Artificial Intelligence" in Shanghai (September 17), Liu Qingfeng further pointed out that the key to the next step of artificial intelligence is the breakthrough of algorithm, the deep combination of mathematical statistical modeling methods and brain science research, and the continuous exploration of man-machine coupling.

At the main forum of the International Conference on Innovation and Emerging Industries on September 19, Liu Qingfeng made it clear that "the future must not be a machine to replace human beings, but a man-machine coupling. The University of Science and Technology has been studying the way of man-machine coupling with the University of Chinese Studies overseas. We hope that machines can help us better simultaneous transmission of top-notch products." Develop his ability. In the future, machines and people must be coordinated.

6, we will uphold the reputation of the company with legal weapons.

We have been communicating in good faith with all sides. After the communication instructions, the truth is very clear. We are grateful to all sectors of the community for their trust, concern and support. We reserve the right to appeal to law for organizations or individuals that continue to blacken the HKUST, fabricate false information, mislead the public and damage our reputation.

"More powerful than human beings, it is not AI but AI."

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