Original title: a man in Xi'an has been in contradiction with villagers due to labor remuneration. 72 tyres were tied in 20 days.

Mr. Zhang lives in Fuxia Village, Gaozhuang Town, Jinghe New Town, Xixian New Area, and on weekdays makes a living by contracting out catering services for red and white festivals. Although a lot of business has been done before, this period of time has been trapped in the home and can not work normally. Mr. Zhang said that he pulled a van carrying groceries such as catering furniture and parked outside his own door, but recently was repeatedly punctured tires, and 20 days, was punctured 72 tires, just repair, replacement of these tires, spent more than 40,000 yuan.

20 Yu Tian 72 tyres were tied up.

"On August 30th, I was going to drive a truck out to pick up the baby. I didn't expect the two trucks parked at the door of my house to be crouched. Each truck had six wheels and all 12 tires were flat." Mr. Zhang told reporters that he didn't care about this at the beginning, so he hurried to call the mechanic to repair the tire.

Unexpectedly, the next morning, the car's 12 new patched tires and problems, all gasless, can only park the car at the door. Mr. Zhang said, helpless, he could only tire again and again. "From the first day, I didn't sleep well for many days because of the tire." Mr. Zhang said that because he did not know who caused, or with whom formed a "beam", resulting in frequent car love by the black hand.

Home door installed monitoring found "black hand"

In order to find someone with a tire tie in the evening, Mr. Zhang installed two cameras at his door on September 21 at the suggestion of his friends. "We just took the tyres on the monitor." The surveillance showed that at about 3 a.m. the next morning, a man with a spear approached Mr. Zhang's car, stopped for a moment near the tires and began to prick the tires with his spear.

At that time, Mr. Zhang was not at home, his mother saw someone in the surveillance of the van, and ran out to stop. Unexpectedly, the man with the tire did not put down his spear, and even pointed it at Mr. Zhang's mother to let him leave. After Mr. Zhang ran home for help, the man with the "black hand" left.

Yesterday, Mr. Zhang told reporters that the man under surveillance he knew was Wang Mou of the same village. They had a little conflict in August over employment and compensation. "100 yuan of money did not clear him up, but he retaliated in this way." Mr. Zhang said that from the first tie-in incident on August 30 to the discovery of the tire, his two truck tires were tied six times, a total of 72 tires were tied, the loss of more than 40,000 yuan.

At present, Mr. Zhang has reported to the police station of the Jinghua new City Le Hua City. The police are investigating whether the 72 tyres were tied up for monitoring by a man who was photographed.

Source: Ge Qin, three Qin Metropolis Daily

Editor in chief: Yan Hong Liang

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