The man played two all night, mahjong and deaf.

The man played two all night, mahjong and deaf.

Original title: men play two all night mahjong deaf, pick up the phone can not hear clearly that the receiver is broken.

Mid-Autumn Festival minor holiday stay up late playing mahjong for two days, 27-year-old white-collar deaf ears unexpectedly, fortunately timely medical treatment, hearing was restored. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuhan Central Hospital Houhu Hospital District Otolaryngology, due to busy work, stress, stay up late tired and other factors, sudden deafness among young people is on the rise.

Zhang Yang, a white-collar worker who lives in Hankou after the lake, is usually very busy at work and often stays up late for overtime. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, Zhang Yang not only did not have a good rest, but also from the evening of 21 with Mahjong friends began playing two all-night Mahjong. On the morning of the 23rd, Zhang Yang got up and answered the phone. He found that he couldn't hear anything. At first, he thought his handset was broken, so he could not hear clearly when he borrowed his cell phone from his family. Not only that, he listened to his family, but his voice also came from far away and his ears squeaked. He rushed to the Wuhan Central Hospital Houhu Hospital District Otolaryngology consultation, doctors diagnosed his sudden deafness after examination.

Chen Wei, deputy director of otorhinolaryngology, said that sudden deafness is a kind of nervous deafness. Most cases of sudden deafness are caused by working pressure, staying up late, overloaded work and other factors, which make the inner ear blood vessels in a long-term tense state, vascular spasm, obstruction, cochlear insufficiency of blood supply, rapid hearing loss, tinnitus, sudden deafness. And other symptoms. If a sudden deafness is not treated as early as possible, if it is delayed for more than a week, it will suffer hearing loss and permanent hearing loss. He said that in recent years, sudden deafness among young people has been on the rise rapidly, accounting for 40% to 50% of all ear diseases in the outpatient clinic. Most of the patients are young office workers, and most of them have less sleep time. They often stay up late, work overtime, go to bars and sing songs, often staying up until midnight.

Chen Wei reminds young people in the workplace to relax their emotions, take part in physical exercise properly and maintain a good state of mind, eat less sweet, salty, fatty food, stay away from noise, do not listen to headphones for a long time, and people who like to go to bars and KTV should try their best to have fun while they are having fun. Shorten the time, so as not to affect health.

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