Anti pornography office: crack down on false media news blackmail in August to investigate 96 cases involved

Anti pornography office: crack down on false media news blackmail in August to investigate 96 cases involved

Source: China Anti pornography network

Aiming at the illegal acts such as false media, false press stations, false reporters and news blackmail, which the grass-roots cadres and the masses hate deeply, the departments of "sweeping away pornography and cracking down on illegal activities" have been cracking down on them continuously in the special action of "autumn breeze 2018". From January to August, more than 80 criminal cases involving "three fakes" were investigated and dealt with in various parts of the country. A large number of people who, in the name of media reports and Internet exposure, endangered the interests of enterprises and the masses and extortioned money were punished according to law. Four key cases, including the extortion under the name of a journalist in Xingtai, Hebei, the fraud of a fake journalist in Luliang, Shanxi, the fraud of a fake journalist in Cao, Shandong, Binzhou, and the production and sale of a fake journalist's Certificate in Zhangmou, Guiyang, have been listed and supervised by the National Office of "Combating Yellow and Fighting Illegal Affairs" in conjunction with the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. . In accordance with the special plan of the provincial Party committee, Shaanxi Province has launched a special campaign of "centralized regulation of the public opinion environment" since mid-August to accurately crack down on "social malignancies" such as false reporters and news blackmail. In the past month, 60 relevant cases, 96 persons involved in the case and more than 9.68 million yuan were investigated and dealt with.

On Sept. 17, the National Office of "Eradicating Yellow and Fighting Africa" selected 10 typical cases from the "three fake" cases investigated and handled by the "Autumn Wind 2018" special operation in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang and other provinces for concentrated exposure.

Shanxi Lvliang "1. 16" Cao Mou a fake reporter fraud case concluded.

On August 27, 2018, the People's Court of Luliang and Fenyang City sentenced Cao to six years'imprisonment with a fine of 50,000 yuan and returned all the proceeds of fraud. After investigation, Cao alleged that he had worked successively in the National Organizing Committee of Journalists for Ecological Civilization, China Industry Newspaper Association, News Investigation Department of China Environmental Reporting Network and other units. He was appointed as "chief reporter", "deputy secretary-general", "operation director" and "senior reporter" to help mobilize the work and contract the project, and so on. Zhang Mou, a staff member of a certain unit in Lvliang, had more than 100 yuan in cash and subsequently lost contact with him. In January 16, 2017, the public security organ took up a case after investigation. Cao Mou was listed as an online pursuit on August 2017 on suspicion of fraud. In January 13, 2018, it was arrested in Xiangcheng County, Zhoukou City, Henan province.

The "4. 15" fake journalist case in Binzhou, Shandong.

In April 2018, according to reports from the masses, the Binzhou Office of "combating pornography and illegal activities" coordinated the public security and cultural law enforcement departments to set up a special group to crack down on a case of extortion by counterfeit journalists and knock down a criminal gang of counterfeit journalists headed by Zhang Mou. According to investigation, since 2015, Zhang has organized many people to "interview" in Binzhou, Ningjin, Weifang and Qingzhou by means of "director of Binzhou Department of a certain newspaper" and "reporter of a certain network" to extort related enterprises and units by means of publicity fees and consultant fees. There have been more than 60 cases involving more than 3 million yuan. . At present, the public security organs have arrested 8 suspects, of whom 5 have been arrested. The case is further processed.

Shaanxi Yulin "3. 15" fake journalist extortion.

On March 15, 2018, Shenmu Municipal Public Security Bureau of Yulin City received a report from the masses. Some people claimed that the reporters of "Legal Education Weekly" and "Tourist Commerce Newspaper" blackmailed coal mining enterprises in the name of newspaper editing after taking photos of overloaded coal trucks in a coal mine of Shenmu City. Shenmu City Public Security Bureau arrested 3 people after receiving the police. After investigation, criminal suspects Huo Momou, Wang Mou, Yang Mou three fake reporters repeatedly committed crimes to extort money, involving a total of 30,000 yuan. Three people have been arrested and the case is under further investigation.

Shaanxi Yulin "8. 30" from the media people extortion case.

In August 2018, the Shenmu Public Security Bureau of Yulin City filed a case of extortion in Ma Mou on the basis of relevant clues. After investigation, from 2013, Ma Mou used the so-called self-Media status to conduct news supervision, blackmailing enterprises, institutions and individuals for 24 cases involving more than 913,000 yuan on the grounds of production violations. In August 30th, Shenmu City People's Procuratorate approved the arrest according to law, and the case is under further investigation.

Shaanxi Tongchuan "8. 24" fake journalist extortion case.

In August 2018, Tongchuan Yijun County Public Security Bureau took over the clue, Wu and others suspected of embezzlement of the media group name to carry out extortion. The Public Security Bureau of Yijun County quickly deployed the investigation work of the case and, after investigation and evidence collection from various parties, arrested two suspects on August 24. According to the investigation, in March 2018, Wu Momou and Feng Momou used the name of "Shanxi Daily Contemporary Network" reporter to press the construction enterprise on the ground that the quality problems of Yijun county key project Yibai Highway need to be exposed, forcing the head of the construction enterprise Wang Mou to pay 110,000 yuan "publicity fee" by means of transfer. At present, 2 suspects are under criminal detention, and the case is being further explored.

Shaanxi Xianyang "7. 10" fake journalist news blackmail case.

On July 10, 2018, Li Mou-mou and Huang Mou-mou drove a vehicle with the words "mobile phone client of Shaanxi Media Network" and held a business card of "Shaanxi Radio and Television News - First Life (Huang Wei Reporter)" about the Party branch secretary of a village in Xingping, Xianyang, having a meal at a hotel in Xi'an. During the meal, Huang Mou-mou appeared. Delete "a village Party branch secretary retaliated against the villagers to revoke their membership" and other false online posts, asking Li Mou a sponsored newspaper 20,000 yuan. That night, Huang Mou was captured by the Public Security Bureau of Xingping, Xianyang. After investigation, the suspect Li Moumou and Huang Moumou jointly defrauded 23 thousand yuan in the same case. Two people have been under criminal detention. At present, the case is under further trial.

Shaanxi Ankang "5. 29" fake journalist extortion.

On May 29, 2018, the Public Security Bureau of Langao County, Ankang City, received a report from the masses. Two men who claimed to be journalists blackmailed in the name of exposing indiscriminate dredging by sandboats. The public security organ arrested the suspect Tang and Cao Mou on the same day. After investigation, Tang and Cao confessed to the fact that they had acted as the reporter of China Publishing Network to extort 2,000 yuan of cash from the owner of the sandboat, and confessed to having extorted 24,000 yuan from the other two sandyards with Mao and Chen. After checking, Mao was an informant of China Publishing Network, and the other four were idle members of the society. There were three consecutive cases involving 26,000 yuan of money, posing as journalists. At present, the case is further investigated.

A fake journalist fraud in Qigihar, Heilongjiang.

On January 28, 2018, Qiqihar City "sweeping pornography and combating feudalism" office handed over a mass report clue to the public security organs, Liu Mou-mou fake journalist identity fraud of thousands of yuan. After investigation, the suspect Liu claimed that China's clean government, positive wind reports, market information and other media reporters, October 2017 to take no exams can be dealt with driver's license as a reason to defraud the victim Zhang 6100 yuan. In July 19, 2018, Liu Moumou was arrested in a certain place in Baicheng, and a number of forged press cards were found. At present, the case is under further trial.

Henan Nanyang Tanghe County fake reporter Gang case.

Since April 2018, gangs have been formed by suspects Gu Mou, Ke Mou, Wu Mou and Gao Mou. They have successively faked journalists in Luoyang and Tanghe counties to extort money from many local stone factories, brick factories and breeding farms on the grounds of carrying out environmental protection inspections with higher authorities and exposing environmental problems of enterprises. The amount of the case is 1 yuan. In June 7th, 4 suspects were arrested by public security organs. At present, the case is under further investigation.

News of extortion in Quzhou, Zhejiang, Yu Moumou and so on.

On January 17, 2018, according to the victim's report, the Ko Cheng Public Security Bureau uncovered a false journalist extortion case. After investigation, Xie Mou-mou found that the factory in charge of Song Mou-mou had environmental pollution problems when selling and subscribing for a regular magazine. He tried to extort money by taking advantage of the opportunity, so he told Yu Mou-mou and Ye Mou-mou the information. After confirming that Song was rich, they went to the factory to announce that they wanted to be exposed, pretending to be the reporter of People's Daily People's livelihood weekly and the director of Zhejiang block of the Supreme Procuratorate's Fangyuan magazine. After thanking somebody for mediation, the two sides reached an agreement to settle the matter at a cost of 15,000 yuan. The three men averaged 5,000 yuan in stolen goods. At present, 3 people have been arrested and the case is being further processed.

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