Direct access to Tencent to obtain Beijing automatic driving vehicle road test licence

Direct access to Tencent to obtain Beijing automatic driving vehicle road test licence

Sina Technologies News September 25 afternoon news, a few days ago Beijing traffic control authorities again issued intelligent network road test licenses, Tencent has become a new batch of licensed companies. This means that the Tencent's self driving vehicle can be tested on the designated road in Beijing.

On December 18 last year, Beijing announced the regulations on open road test for automatic driving and the regulations on vehicle rating for automatic driving test, which is the first city in China to promulgate the regulations on road test for automatic driving. At the same time, Beijing officially opened the first demonstration area of vehicle-road cooperative driving in China, and applied 5G frontier communication technology to the development of automobile industry. At present, Beijing has 44 123 km test roads, covering the city, countryside and other rich traffic scenes, is the longest open test road city in China.

According to the briefing, Tencent has long been active in the field of intelligent travel. In the second half of 2016, Tencent set up Tencent Autopilot Laboratory, which has gathered well-known experts from home and abroad in the field of autopilot. Tencent Autopilot Laboratory has also undertaken Tencent Autopilot in the field of autopilot. Tencent has made efforts and explorations in the frontier fields of 360 degrees, high-precision maps, point cloud information processing and fusion positioning. The task of accumulating the core technology and drawing the cooperation of industry, University and research. At present, Tencent has four advantages in the field of automatic driving: artificial intelligence algorithm, high-precision map, data cloud platform, simulation system.

This year is Tencent's first year of automated driving, will focus on promoting the landing of L3 products, and do technical exploration on L4, L5. According to the official, Tencent Auto Drive has been working with a number of car companies to communicate with the aim of providing early service for car owners in mass production vehicles.

Tencent will provide the most effective digital interface and the most abundant digital toolbox for all, and work with the government and enterprises to build a digital ecology to promote the innovation and development of the intelligent industry. Tencent hopes to realize the intelligent connection between people and various vehicle services in automobiles. Tencent Autopilot is an open platform for cooperation through technical assistance and cooperation.

Su Kui Feng, head of Tencent's Autopilot Laboratory, said that in the field of autopilot, Tencent played the role of a "booster". Tencent clearly defined itself as "a complete software and service provider for autopilot". By constructing the ecological chain of automatic driving, we should do well the connector and spare parts, and provide the most effective digital interface and toolbox to help the development of intelligent transportation and intelligent travel. (Xin Ling)

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