The 91 year old Chinese old man was beaten three times in the street for no reason.

The 91 year old Chinese old man was beaten three times in the street for no reason.

Original title: Chicago 91 year old Chinese man on the street was beaten without reason, the suspect was charged with three felony.

Alexander Taylor, 45, who beat a 91-year-old Chinese man near Yonghuo Street and 24th Street in Chicago, was charged with three felonies of serious assault and assault on the 20th local time, according to the World Daily. It was neither robbery nor hatred, but "unprovoked" acts, and according to court records, the man had been jailed at least twice for assaulting an elderly man and deliberately murdering him.

Michael Bazark, a Chicago police officer pursuing the suspect, described the day after the meeting that he thought of buying a drink in Chinatown and found the suspect making strange gestures and mumbling to himself from time to time on the roadside. Unexpectedly, when Mr. Huang, 91, passed by, the African-American man inexplicably attacked him.

Berzak and Eddie Garcia, another police officer who passed the Cook County Sheriff's office after work, immediately chased the suspect down the street and caught Taylor on 24 Street and near Stockholm Street.

Court records show that Taylor, a frequent offender against the elderly, was sentenced to five years for serious assault in 2005 and six years for deliberate murder in 1998.

Relatives of the victims said that the elderly head injury, shoulder fracture, due to cerebral congestion consciousness blurred unable to identify their relatives, Mr. Huang is still in Northwest University Hospital treatment, the injury has gradually stabilized.

The victim's son said he took his father to a Chinatown restaurant near his home for lunch on the 18th, during which he went out to buy some dinner food and planned to return to the restaurant to pick up his father. However, the 91-year-old man walked home directly after eating, and soon his son received a phone call informing him that his father had been injured.

The Chicago Police Department also explained that attacking people over the age of 60 equals attacking police officers, firefighters and other executives of public service, are serious offenses, sentencing is also more serious. (Huang Huiling)

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