President of high Tak: there is no timetable for the return of the car service.

President of high Tak: there is no timetable for the return of the car service.

Reporter Liang Chen

Beijing News on September 25, Alibaba's Gaud map upgrade one-stop travel platform, complete the travel mode of all coverage. But for the platform when to resume windmill business, Gaode Group President Liu Zhenfei told reporters that there is no clear time point. "We are very cautious".

He said that when he quit, he explicitly stated that the goal was "really good luck", and the entire function has been exploring, not completely liberalized. In the two pilot operations, products and other links were found to have many problems, so the product was temporarily offline.

Liu Zhenfei said that consumer demand for products exists, so Gaode should build products, business more smoothly, and interaction with regulators to achieve "full compliance".

On March 27, Gaode Map announced the launch of windmill business. Chengdu and Wuhan took the lead in launching the line. At the same time, they opened the recruitment of car owners in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities, and will gradually expand to more cities throughout the country.

Gaud has stressed that the business is a public welfare project, without any commercial purposes, will insist on users do not draw commissions, do not play a subsidy war, and even before subsidizing SMS fees and insurance and other third-party service fees.

However, after the windmill incident in Wenzhou, on August 26, Gaode said that for safety reasons, Gaode Map has temporarily offline windmill business. Reporters have used Gao de map found that the product has no "ride" entrance.

On September 25, Gaud announced that in addition to the drip-drip trips, Shenzhou special cars, FAW appointments and Cao Cao special cars, he added easy-to-reach, drip-drip trips, carry-on special cars, same-way special cars, AA special cars and other partners. Earlier, Gaud disclosed that in the first half of the year, the average daily orders of partners in Gaud grew by nearly 200%, and passenger waiting time was saved by an average of 10% compared with the industry.

However, on September 19, at the Aliyunqi conference, reporters found that Gaud's online appointment plan did not focus on passenger safety modules, including only fixed-point matching and capacity dispatching efficiency; pick-up experience Optimization and rapid passenger selection; efficient travel, planning the best route, avoid congestion; and accurate after-travel. Cost calculation and wind control anti cheating; scene recommendation.

In this regard, Liu Zhenfei told reporters, platform design at the beginning, security is the first factor to consider, "if there is no security, would rather not do it." In view of security, Gaude will break through the security system of the whole business when its partners are connected. If there is any abnormality, the two sides will deal with it jointly. Secondly, during the travel process, the High German security assistant also provides a key phone call for help, including police assistance.

In addition, Liu Zhenfei said that the next possible consideration with insurance companies, and with the State Transportation Bureau, public security departments to discuss the first response to the accident.

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