Liang Hao package 30 years do not reduce fees, so "kill cooked" is not honest.

Liang Hao package 30 years do not reduce fees, so

Ke Rui, a passionate commentator

On September 20, Zhang, a consumer in Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province, reported to Peng Mei Quality Reporting Complaints Platform that in 2014, he ran a mobile phone card with the tail number 6789 in a local mobile business hall and handled a special number dedicated to the bottom line consumption of 300 yuan. This year, Mr. Zhang was rejected when he applied for a lower fee because the package contract for the business was 29 years, which would last until 2043 and would not expire for another 25 years.

Consumer disputes caused by mobile phone tariff contracts are not new. In the past, because of the existence of a paper contract, although some consumers have the demand to reduce fees, they often choose to default, but in the context of the general speed-up and fee-reduction of domestic telecommunications, "Beauty tariffs can not be reduced in 30 years," it is necessary to reconsider.

As is known to all, the so-called "beautiful number" is just a gimmick of Telecom operators'commercial operation. The value of the number itself is no different from the ordinary number. Consumers using the beautiful number will not increase the cost of operators. But for a long time, operators have stipulated that all the beautiful names, generally have a contract period, a guaranteed consumption, and the cost is not low. In fact, China's "Telecom Network Number Resource Management Measures" stipulates that telecommunication operators are prohibited from "charging subscribers a number selection fee" and "restricting the use of their designated services by telecommunication users in any way". This so-called "Beautiful Number Package" is to wipe the boundaries, which is suspected of violations.

If the operator set the set price at the beginning, it is a product price after considering the telecommunication service content, the market value of the number and other factors, there are still two problems to be clarified. Firstly, for the 30-year fixed package agreement, whether the operator made a clear explanation to consumers when entering the network, and was confirmed by Mr. Zhang's signature. Nowadays, disputes arise and the burden of proof should be borne by operators.

Second, the major operators, including mobile, have lowered their tariff standards, Mr. Zhang's "special number dedicated bottom line consumption" 300 yuan package business, is likely to be in conflict with the current relatively low mobile phone tariff standards. In an environment where telecommunications tariffs are generally reduced, it is not appropriate and reasonable to insist on a minimum of 300 yuan a few years ago. After all, this kind of price is not a one-off consumption, but the consumption that is happening and will happen in the future. It is necessary to adjust the consumption price according to the market situation.

Whether it is a common number or a beautiful number, the tariff standard should comply with the principle of "autonomy of will" in civil law, and be determined by both parties through consultation. The beautiful number does not have the privilege of unilateral restrictive provisions by operators.

In recent years, telecommunications companies have become a trend to speed up and reduce fees, but consumer complaints of Mr. Zhang's 30-year consumption of the bottom line, indicating that telecommunications fees are still not covered by the dead end.

Recently, the Eighth Inspection Group of the State Council visited Beijing, Tianjin and other places, and found that there is still a gap between the implementation of speed-up and fee-reduction among the three major telecom operators and the expectations of the masses. Consumers concentrated on reflecting the compulsory consumption of operators, killing acquaintance, false propaganda, and the real increase of the rate of reduction. Some consumers are not very clear about raising speed and lowering fees, and their satisfaction is not rising or falling. Consumer Mr. Zhang suffered from Telecom operators'"homicide" behavior, which also confirms the findings of the State Council inspection team.

As an enterprise, telecom operators should respect consumers'right to know and their right to choose freely, and should not engage in unreasonable overlord contracts. Like Mr. Zhang, the "Liang Hao tariff can not be adjusted and lowered for 30 years" should be corrected.

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