Chen Xiaoping, founder of Yun Mi: the price is still the obstacle to smart home in the next two years.

Chen Xiaoping, founder of Yun Mi: the price is still the obstacle to smart home in the next two years.

Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 25 evening news, Huami Technology today formally listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the securities code VIOT. Chen Xiaoping, founder of Yunmi, told Sina Technologies in an interview before ringing the bell that listing is an important milestone for Yunmi and hopes to enhance its brand influence through listing.

At the same time, with the help of listed companies platform, we will develop more products and integrated home Internet solutions, hoping to redefine the family lifestyle.

It has only been 4 years since the founding of the company, and the company has experienced rapid development. Chen Xiaoping says what impresses him most is how to use the Internet to transform product innovation and change the relationship between enterprises and users through Internet thinking.

In fact, smart appliances competition is fierce, in addition to traditional enterprise mobile phone manufacturers also joined, Chen Xiaoping revealed that through three points to achieve differential competition?

1. Providing an integrated solution for users is the same experience from product interaction.

2. Provide cross screen multi terminal interconnection experience, no longer rely on a device as a hub, free combination.

3. Use F to C to change channel efficiency and reduce product cost.

Chen Xiaoping said that entrepreneurship is a long-distance race with no end, and his mentality has not changed much. He hopes to use the Internet to change traditional life. After today's NASDAQ listing, I hope to continue this train of thought.

He believes that in the past few years, smart home has attracted the attention of all walks of life, which reflects the needs of consumers, smart home has brought about changes in the life experience. But high prices in the past few years have hindered the spread of the industry, and how to reduce costs in the next two years is the end of the enterprise's efforts. (Zhongqi)

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