Update the list of public numbers in WeChat IOS version to add "read frequently" column.

Update the list of public numbers in WeChat IOS version to add

New Beijing News (reporter Yan Lijiao) in the evening of September 25th, WeChat launched the new version of iOS terminal 6.7.3. There are two major changes in this update: one is the addition of the "Often Read" column at the top of the message list; the other is the display of the "Often Read" and "Star" public numbers in the header cover of the list as a large picture; the rest of the public numbers are small pictures; video and text also show a large picture.

It is understood that "frequent reading" is a dynamically updated number of public users often browse. The account number and location of the regular reading column will change with the change of the user's reading of the public number and the update of the public number. The closer the update time is, the higher the number of public places is.

At the same time, according to everybody's reading behavior, the number of frequently read public numbers will vary, each user up to 12 frequently read public numbers. In September 22nd, WeChat also launched the 6.7.3 beta in Android.

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