Hong Kong media: Mainland hairy crab voucher is no longer the crab crab.

Hong Kong media: Mainland hairy crab voucher is no longer the crab crab.

Original title: Hong Kong media: The mainland hairy crab vouchers are no longer the scene of the past fried crab vouchers Yellowcattle Party extinct Reference News Network reported on September 26, Hong Kong media said that Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs listed in Jiangsu Province, the past Mid-Autumn Festival hot sale of 1000 yuan hairy crab vouchers, but this year it is difficult to stir-fry. As only one percent of the real Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are on the market, diners are worried about encountering counterfeit crabs, which also affects the scalpers who make money by selling crab vouchers. Although the crab coupon is as low as one percent, the scalpers dare not ask, "If we accept it, we can't change hands, let alone make money, we can only eat by ourselves."

According to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily website on September 25, hairy crab gift vouchers have sprung up in the mainland in recent years, and hairy crabs have been sold to the market from farmers and packaged into crab vouchers by dealers. The price of each crab voucher can be doubled several times or even ten times. The price of each crab voucher varies from several hundred to several thousand yuan. Life.

Gift givers buy crab vouchers from dealers at high prices, recipients sell them at a discount to the scalpers, and eventually the dealers sell crab vouchers "buy back" at low prices, so the hairy crabs haven't really been sold yet, and the scalpers have made a fortune first. Mainland media reports, whether from the Internet or dealers to buy crab coupons, the actual purchase price is often much lower than the face value of crab coupons, or even as low as one or two discounts.

Crab coupons were very popular in the early years, but in recent years, the anti-corruption storm swept the country, and the business of crab coupons also fell sharply. "We can't sell them if we buy them," said a yellow cattle party trading crab coupons in Beijing.

Reported that the crab coupon repurchase business is difficult to do, another reason is that the lake's production of hairy crab counterfeit goods flooded the market, customers are reluctant to buy crab coupons at high prices. A hairy crab farmer said the so-called Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are divided into two kinds: one is "indigenous" in Yangcheng Lake, but the production is in short supply; the other is from the local culture of hairy crabs after harvesting, and then shipped to Yangcheng Lake "subcooled river" fake goods.

Whether it is online shopping platform or dealer direct channel, high par value, low sales price has become the normal crab coupon market. For example, the online shopping platform input "crab vouchers" search, the real price of crab vouchers is shown as "luxury gift box 1288 yuan per box", its online purchase price is 288 yuan, and "bid down 50 yuan", the actual price is 238 yuan. If the crab is sold at the face value and the actual sale price, the net price of the crab ticket will be sold at eighty percent off.

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