Multi sectoral demonstration of "raw salmon" standard demonstration aquatic association response

Multi sectoral demonstration of

Original title: multi sector deliberation on the standard of raw food salmon

Beijing, September 24 (Reporter Pan Yi) According to the voice of the Chinese countryside, "Sannong China" reported in May this year, whether rainbow trout belongs to salmon, raw food safety issues once triggered controversy. Subsequently, the China Fisheries Circulation and Processing Association and 13 related enterprises introduced the "raw salmon" group standard, which officially classified freshwater rainbow trout as salmon, once again aroused consumer queries. Recently, the media reported that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, National Standards Commission and other departments are planning to discuss and demonstrate this standard before the end of this month.

Unlike the common national standards and industry standards, the "raw salmon" standard adopted a relatively rare form of group standards, mainly by industry associations and enterprises to participate in the formulation, not in the industry-wide enforcement. The Shanghai Municipal Committee of Consumer Protection and Consumer Protection held a consumption hearing on the issue of formally classifying rainbow trout as salmon in the standard. Professor Chen Shunsheng of Shanghai Ocean University said at the hearing that he disapproved of the inclusion of rainbow trout as salmon.

Chen Shunsheng: bring up a dish of fish. How do I know if this is pink or salmon? I have no way to know, nor can people see the annotation.

Zheng Weizhong, director of the Salmon Branch of the China Fisheries Circulation and Processing Association, said that salmon is only a customary name, and no one can identify common names as right or wrong.

Zheng Weizhong: People, including Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, pink salmon and other salmon and trout, sell them under the name of salmon. What we mean by salmon is a kind of fish that may be sold under the name of salmon in the future. The name and origin of the fish must be marked so that consumers can understand where the fish they buy come from.

Rainbow trout salmon has been quietly put on the menus of some restaurants since the standards were issued, but media surveys have found that sales of salmon and rainbow trout are not optimistic in both physical and online stores. The head of the China Fisheries Circulation and Processing Association acknowledged in an interview that the overall sales of rainbow trout are at present. The volume did drop. Qiu Baochang, a lawyer from Beijing Huijia Law Firm, pointed out that the group standards involve the rights and interests of consumers, and consumers'opinions should be heard and supervised in the process of formulation.

Qiu Baochang: how can the standard be formulated? Is there any industry association that can make it? The opinions of industry organizations, enterprises and users should be widely solicited. The standard dispute is an interest dispute, if the standard is not realistic, or for the interests of enterprises or industries to bet on the interests of consumers, consumers are naturally "voting with their feet".

The group standard was originally scheduled to be formally implemented around September 15, but some media reports pointed out that due to the controversy caused by the standard, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Fisheries Bureau, National Standards Committee, China Fisheries Circulation and Processing Association and other relevant parties are expected to discuss and demonstrate this matter in the near future. Cui He, chairman of the China Fisheries Circulation and Processing Association, said that he had not received any specific information about the re-demonstration, and that the group standards were being implemented gradually.

Cui he: no matter how to prove and when to prove. Some enterprises are already ready to pack according to standards.

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Domestic rainbow trout is classified as salmon and cited controversy

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