Lawyer Liu Qiangdong: when the case is closed, it will prove that he has not violated the law.

Lawyer Liu Qiangdong: when the case is closed, it will prove that he has not violated the law.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Nandu reporter Ji Shi

On Sept. 24, Reuters issued a presidential article describing the content of the letter that the girl accused Liu Qiangdong had exchanged with her classmates on the evening of the incident and sorting out some of the "details" provided by the girl that evening.

Liu Qiangdong's attorney has responded that the charges are inconsistent with the evidence that lawyers hope to disclose to the public after the completion of the case, and stressed that Liu Qiangdong did not violate any law.

In response, Nandu reporters in the early morning of 25 U. S. Eastern Time on the Reuters report exclusively interviewed Ms. Jill Brisbois, acting lawyer of Liu Qiangdong.

Ms. Jill Brisbois was adamant that Liu had not violated any law, that he had been wrongly charged and that he had fully cooperated in the investigation.

Regarding whether the details unilaterally provided to Reuters by the girls involved were true, Ms. Jill Brisbois said,'We can't disclose the evidence to the media like others because we respect the judicial process and don't want to interfere with it. It said, "we have handed all the evidence to the investigators. It is unfair for Reuters to publish an article containing only one point of view while the case is still pending and prosecutors are still trying it.

Ms. Jill Brisbois stressed that the girl's accusations were inconsistent with some evidence that would be made public at the end of the case and would prove that Liu had not violated any law.

Ms. Jill Brisbois also elaborated on the judicial process of the case to Southern Metropolitan journalists: the Minneapolis Police Department was responsible for investigating all similar allegations, and when the investigation was completed, according to the judicial process, all evidence relating to such cases would be independently examined by a person designated by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office. This trial is only a normal legal process and should not be regarded as implying that the case will be prosecuted criminally. In the process of hearing the case, the party should be presumed innocent under the accusation.

Nandu reporter noticed that in the comments of netizens on Reuters reports, some netizens expressed support for the girls involved, while a considerable number of netizens suspected that Liu Qiangdong had fallen into a "trap". Some netizens said, if the woman is not willing, why still bring the man back to the apartment? And the girl in the car, the room and all other links, she has a lot of chances to escape, but she did not escape, but she kept sending messages to friends, calling and speaking sensibly, logical, organized record what happened, which is not reasonable. Another netizen appealed to the public to be rational, and the final result of the prosecution's investigation would prevail.

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