Interesting shop responds to the big business of the big white car: it optimizes the lower efficiency stores.

Interesting shop responds to the big business of the big white car: it optimizes the lower efficiency stores.

Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Shuxin) Today (September 25), the government of the store for the fun shop's white car recently cut staff, offline large-scale closure response to find Chinese creators: This is a normal operation adjustment, intended to optimize the lower efficiency of the store, the number of closed stores now inconvenient to disclose. Earlier, some media said that the big white car store or from 179 to 48.

According to the second quarter results of the Interest Store, Dabai Auto achieved 785 million yuan in revenue, business revenue increased by 43.7%, accounting for 35% of the total revenue.

Interesting stores have made 785 million yuan in revenue this quarter from Big White, but the automotive industry is expensive. In terms of financial results, revenue costs increased from 194.3 million yuan in the same period in 2017 to 947 million yuan, mainly due to the cost of Dabai automobile business. At the same time, before the media calculations, the first quarter of the big white car deficit of about 300 million yuan.

"By the end of this year, Big White will jump to TOP5 in the national auto retail market," said Lo Min, the store's owner, earlier this year. However, after the second quarter results were released, the company lowered its sales target of 100,000 vehicles at the beginning of the year to 250,000 to 30,000.

In the two quarter earnings report, the store confirmed that the ant's gold clothing that was launched in 2015 is no longer renewed. Interesting shop official responded that at present, ant gold clothing is still interesting shop owners, the two sides only flow diversion cooperation expired, users can still live through Alipay search number and other phased services.

It is reported that before the "fun stage" and the ant Alipay's Alipay, independent third party credit agencies sesame credit reached a strategic cooperation, the completion of the payment system and credit, the two cooperation has been three years. The most direct benefit of interest shops is to reduce the cost of acquiring guests by using the flow advantage of ant suits.

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