The first successful paralytic foot in the world

The first successful paralytic foot in the world

Original title: the first case in the world! Successful steps in patients with complete paralysis of the lower extremities

BEIJING, Sept. 25 (Reporter Zhang Menglan) - A patient with complete paralysis of the lower extremity can walk on his own again after spinal cord stimulation and rehabilitation, according to a report by a team of American scientists, which is still in the world First case.

Severe spinal cord injury can lead to interruption of functional connectivity in the high central nervous system, resulting in chronic paralysis. The advanced center is responsible for guiding the movement of the spinal cord circuitry below the injury, which interacts directly with the skeletal muscle. Treatment and rehabilitation of spinal cord injury has become a major issue in the medical community. It has been shown that spinal cord electrical stimulation has therapeutic potential, which can promote muscle contraction, and even make patients stand up.

Scientists Christine Zhao and Kendall Lee of the Mayo Clinic reported the world's first case of a human with complete paralysis of the lower extremity after spinal cord injury. The team conducted a 43-week experiment in which subjects were implanted into a spinal cord electrical stimulator and received task-specific multimodal rehabilitation training in the study environment.


At the end of the experiment, the patient's leg muscles contracted spontaneously, supporting him not only to stand but also to walk. With the help of a front-wheel walker, the patient can walk on the treadmill with both legs open, but it needs to activate the stimulator to walk successfully.

This is the first case of a successful re-activation of long-dormant spinal circuits and their ability to support movement, but the patient still needs the help of a trainer to maintain balance and a walker to step on the ground.

The team concluded that further research is needed to investigate how rehabilitation training interacts with electrical stimulation to restore lost motor function and to verify whether this approach can be successfully applied to patients with different types or duration of injury.

Source: ScienceDaily daily

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