ScienceDaily Daily: analysis of contributions to scientists should not be "a mess".

ScienceDaily Daily: analysis of contributions to scientists should not be

Original title: record analysis of contributions to scientists should not be "a mess".

Long Yuemei

Technology observer

Recently, Yang Zhenning pointed out at the symposium to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the publication of Dialectical Newsletter of Nature that "the work of recording and analyzing the contributions of Chinese scientists is not inadequate, but a mess at all", which attracted the attention and enthusiasm of the historians of science and technology and the public. Discussion.


As Yang Zhenning said, whether in the past or in the present, the domestic attention to specific scientific and technological achievements is very high, but the historical context of China's scientific and technological development, the contribution of scientists and other aspects of research is very little. Open the computer, click on the mobile phone, open the newspaper, all kinds of latest scientific and technological achievements can be seen everywhere, the analysis of technical principles and the interpretation of the market prospects are also seven-tongued, how lively!

But a phenomenon that can not be ignored is that people focus more attention and more investment on specific scientific and technological achievements. As for who has made a great contribution and which team has made arduous efforts, it seems that it is no longer important. Fewer people study the logic and direction of China's scientific and technological development, and fewer people are willing to spend it. Time and energy to carry out historical research and summary of the past development path, so that there appeared what Yang Zhenning called "a mess".

The emergence of a scientific achievement does not come out of thin air, some need to be precipitated by the times, some need to be driven by major decisions, and some need to stand on the shoulders of giants, several generations of scientists unremitting efforts. The concrete result is only the final presentation, which is the result of comprehensive release. If we only focus on the final results and only focus on a specific technology, while ignoring the history of science and technology development, science and technology strategy, the contribution of scientists and so on, it is bound to be a leaf barrier, trees can not see the forest.

Sharpening is not the wrong way to cut firewood. Reviewing and summarizing the history of scientific and technological development is to better promote the advancement of science and technology. Excavate a scientist, a research team in a certain period, a certain stage of flash point, systematic analysis, collation, in-depth study, the purpose is to string points into lines, wire into a network, become a heavy historical data, for the pulse of history, for the future to provide reference and mirror.

The future is not only the competition of scientific and technological achievements, but also the competition of the right of scientific and technological discourse. China's contribution will continue to be weakened.

Source: ScienceDaily daily

Editor in chief: Zhang Yan

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