Cadres at the county level were lost in geomantic omen and participated in geomantic training classes many times.

Cadres at the county level were lost in geomantic omen and participated in geomantic training classes many times.

Original title: deputy county cadres lost in Feng Shui and participated in Feng Shui training classes many times.

Lost in "Fengshui" - An Analysis of She Chaoli, Former Deputy Director of Xianning City Construction Fund Management Center, Hubei Province

She Zhaoli, male, born in 1964 in Xian'an, Hubei, joined the Communist Party of China in November 1994. He has successively been deputy director of Commerce and comprehensive planning section of Xianning Finance Bureau, director of comprehensive planning section of Xianning Finance Bureau, deputy director and financial director of Xianning City Construction Fund Management Center, financial director of Xianning City Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd., deputy director of Xianning City Construction Fund Management Center. And members of the Party group.

In March 2017, the Xianning municipal discipline inspection commission conducted a disciplinary review of She Zhaoli. After investigation, she violated political discipline, organizational discipline, honest discipline and life discipline, violated state laws and regulations, involving more than 11.0 million yuan, and did not converge after the 18th National Congress of the Party. In June of the same year, she was expelled from Party membership and public office, and the suspected crime was transferred to the judicial organs for legal treatment.

"Master switch" is out of order and does not believe in malice's ghosts and gods.


Among her many serious violations of political discipline, the violation of political discipline is manifested as belief in religion, participation in superstitious activities and adverse effects. And this is a powerful proof of the shakes of her ideal and the decline of her faith.

In December 2008, she was promoted to deputy director and financial director of Xianning City Construction Fund Management Center, and entered the rank of deputy county-level cadres. It was this year that he met the Feng Shui follower Zhang Mou-mou, head of Hengji Commercial Concrete Company in Xianning. In response to Zhang's request, she gave many help in the allocation of project funds. After getting acquainted with each other, Zhang often invites her to court dinner, and there is often a "Feng Shui Master" Cha Mou to accompany him. Zhang advocated to investigate the "high man" in geomantic omen circle. He often helped people adjust geomantic omen to meet the danger. His company can develop smoothly, and also benefited from the investigation of geomantic omen in geomantic omen circle.

He and Zhang and others often tell stories about Feng Shui to She Zhaoli. Initially, he was suspicious of this, in the request to look at the face of a certain, was found a good homework in advance, prepared for the "say yes" later, she Chaoli believed in this, take the initiative to check a certain hexagram for their work, life and other auspicious and murderous situation, to his ancestral grave, home, office geomantic omen, help his son Change names, etc., and have participated in the geomancy training class which has been discussed for a number of times.

She quickly became so obsessed with it that she bought a compass and a Ruban ruler and drove around to see feng shui on the spot to gain experience; she asked the Taoists to write "five-star" books for herself, calculate and predict the fortunes and fates of her life; she put the talismans sent by Taoists in her purse and carried them with her, hoping to gain experience. Keep safe.

According to the investigators, after she studied Feng Shui, she swing Feng Shui aquarium in her office, purchasing three buckets to put water on the back of his desk in order to "disaster relief and disaster relief". During the national day of 2015, Xianning city construction fund management center was cut off by electricity. At the end of the holidays, all the Feng Shui fish placed in her office died of hypoxia due to the power failure of the auto-aerator, which caused a stench in the whole office building for a long time. Later, the whole unit knew that this was due to her worship of geomantic omen, according to the "master" Instructions placed in the office of such items and caused a very bad effect in the unit.

"After I went to the leadership post, I began to learn Feng Shui, superstition, Feng Shui, and dissemination of geomantic omen. Superstitious geomantic omen is the expression of "lack of calcium" in my political thought. In her later reflection, she said,

She Chaoli, after poisoning Feng Shui, downloaded videos from the Internet and bought books online. From 2009 to 2012, when he thought he had achieved something in his studies, he took the initiative to ask for the accommodation and office adjustment of his colleagues and others.

Later on, she Chaoli went to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places to attend some so-called training classes. When the training time conflicts with the working day, he asked the unit leaders for leave and falsely claimed to travel to contact business.

In the second half of 2012, she began to believe in Buddhism. Since then, he has participated in Buddhist temples and ceremonies many times. He not only began to learn Buddhist scriptures, but also did morning and evening classes, chants, and even "confessed" his "sins" and completely lost the faith of a Communist Party member. At the same time, she placed the statue of Buddha at home, chanting sutras every night before going to bed, and sandalwood at the first and fifteenth of the morning.

She Chaoli wrote in her confession, "I basically do not participate in political studies, resulting in a lack of faith, empty thinking, by studying geomantic omen and Buddhism, to fill their empty mind and soul, and eventually become a theist."

In fact, she not only transformed herself into a theist, but also spread widely to relatives and friends around her, Party members and cadres, causing adverse effects. From 2014 to 2016, after she "studied" outside, she brought back Buddhist propaganda materials to recommend to colleagues and family members many times. When her brother came out to dissuade him, he was still not restrained. His son, a Ph.D. student at the Political College of a key university in Wuhan, is a member of the Communist Party of China. Under his guidance, he also violates the rules and practices of Buddhism. "I have led my son astray. I am really confused." She Zhaoli always cried bitterly whenever he wanted to.

The fence is not tight, and the bottom line of Party members and cadres is lost.

"Today's step is the shaking and decline of ideals and beliefs. If I put the brake on my mind, my actions will slide down, so that I have seriously violated the Party's discipline and state law and still do not know it. She Chao Li repented. The main reasons are to examine the whole process of violating discipline and law, to relax political study, and to not tighten the "fence" of her style.

She has always been engaged in economic work, focusing on the promotion of professional ability and neglecting political learning, honest government education and party rules and discipline do not pay attention at all. She often asked for leave under the pretext of busy business or arranged others to take part in the activities of political study and "three meetings and one lesson" organized by her party branch.

"I know very little about the contents of the Party's laws and regulations, and some of them have not even been heard of. After being examined by the organization, the leaders of the Municipal Commission of Discipline Inspection helped me to analyze the mistakes I had made, believing that I had violated all six Party disciplines, and some of them were suspected of serious violations of the law. After hearing my eyes widened, I opened my mouth wide enough to startled my chin. My ignorance of Party discipline and national law has reached an unprecedented level. In his confession, She Zhaoli reflected on his reasons for breaking the law.

In 1993, She Zhaoli passed the second batch of CPA qualification examination. After obtaining the Certificate of Accountant, he disregarded the stipulation in the Law of the People's Republic of China on Certified Public Accountants that no one else should be allowed to perform business in his own name, and attached his Certified Public Accountant Certificate to a certain accounting firm in Hainan in violation of regulations, and charged a fee of 33,000 yuan.

In the course of contacts with Zhang and others, she witnessed Zhang and others from a small contractor, step by step into the local business community "head and face" characters. These businessmen, when they entertain, embrace the right way and spend money freely. She Zhaoli's psychology has undergone subtle changes.

In order to be flexible, she began to invest in chemical enterprises, with Zhang, Cha, a partnership to open quarries, sand plants, a total of illegal profits of 323.45 million yuan. After sorting out the degeneration process of She Chaoli, the investigators found that its degeneration was almost synchronized with her participation in superstition and Buddhism. She began to believe in geomantic omen in 2008 and then in Buddhism. As a result, she took care of his mistress in 2009, then embezzled public funds and took in property.

Since he became the chief financial officer of CIC, there have been more and more people asking her to do court service and more people offering him red envelopes and gifts. He gave almost no money to the red envelopes paid by others. From 2007 to 2017, she received 264 gifts and shopping cards from managers, totaling 583,000 RMB yuan during her tenure as financial director of the City Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd., deputy director of the City Construction Fund Management Center and member of the Party group.

She has racked her brains to seek personal gain for herself, and he has boasted that "economic brains" are becoming more and more flexible. He transferred the huge amount of capital from CIC to other companies, and then joined cashier Rao to share the profits of 315,000 yuan of interest, of which she actually earned 240,000 yuan; various accounting firms, evaluation companies to undertake business in CIC, he directly told the heads of these intermediaries, "I understand the hidden rules," and so on. Hundreds of thousands of millions of rebates came in, and to hide his eyes, he ordered his nephew to set up a decoration company to take bribes in the name of decoration fees. He arranged for his nephew Zhang to work in a design company as a condition for the company to undertake business, and later because Zhang's poor ability to work, the design company paid Zhang directly 180,000 yuan "salary" for the matter.

Take the chance to treat organizational supervision with a sense of entry.

When she was a child, she used a stove for cooking. The fire in the stove was always weak. His father taught him to keep the fire hollow and to be loyal. Firewood should be staggered and burned up to make the fire flourish. We must be loyal, loyal to people, loyal to our families and loyal to our country. Her father used simple and simple language to teach her courtesy, and to be loyal to the family and the organization. But he forgot all about his father's teachings.

In 2010, she Chaoli, then deputy director of Xianning City Construction Capital Management Center and member of the Party Group, negotiated with a Beijing company on the issue of renting a house without evaluating the office building to be rented by the unit, and formed a formal lease contract. She rented the office building as a whole and rented the house without authorization. Price, mode, lease term, rent-free period and other important matters, did not submit to the Municipal Party Committee, municipal government approval according to the provisions, resulting in the loss of state-owned assets, she Chaoli as a responsible leader, has an inescapable responsibility. In 2016, when the Xianning Commission for Discipline Inspection investigated the responsibility for violation of discipline, he put forward reservations on the facts identified by the Commission and refused to cooperate with the organization of the investigation.

At the beginning of 2015, the Xianning Municipal Party Committee asked Party members and cadres to fill in their personal reports on relevant matters in accordance with the regulations. She Chaoli Li concealed the fact that his wife, Zheng Mou, was a shareholder in an enterprise. She also made unrealistic reports on holdings of a passport to go abroad, a pass to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and private travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

On June 2, 2016, Xianning Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection sent a letter to She Chaoli asking him to respond to 10 issues of concern to the organization and the masses. Ten days later, she made a written statement on the question of correspondence. In the explanation, he played down the problem of providing counter-guarantee for a loan of 40 million yuan for a company in Wuhan. He tried to conceal the existence of red envelope gifts, improper relationship between men and women and so on. Instead of filling in the report, he could not answer the question truthfully.

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