Cover up the real problem with a false agreement. Yunnan Mojiang middle school principal was investigated.

Cover up the real problem with a false agreement. Yunnan Mojiang middle school principal was investigated.

Original title: cover up the real problem with a false agreement. A Yunnan Mojiang middle school principal was investigated.

On August 10, Yang Shuzhong, the former principal of Yunnan Mojiang Vocational Senior High School, wrote in a confession reflective material: "As a 22-year-old Party teacher, who has been engaged in 31-year education and 20-year school administration, he did not voluntarily admit his violations of rules and discipline in organizational talks with the county discipline Commission supervisory committee. Actually, I chose to fabricate a lie to deceive investigators, confront the review of the organization, and I regret it now.

"We are members of the investigation team of the county discipline commission, and we will talk to you according to the clues we have. You must tell the truth, take the initiative to admit mistakes, and strive for leniency. " On June 15, the supervisory committee of the Mujiang County Discipline Inspection Commission set up an investigation group to preliminarily verify the public's report on the suspected duty crime of Yang Shuzhong.

Yang Shuzhong admitted the illegal fact that he accepted a bribe of RMB 100,000 from Dingmou, a legal person of Kunshan Runze Labor Dispatch Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province, but later handed over a supplementary agreement to the interlocutors and said that the amount of RMB 100,000 was a labor export subsidy for vocational school interns according to the provisions of the supplementary agreement. There is no acceptance of bribes.


"When he talked, he said nothing about the signing of the Supplementary Agreement, but the next day he reversed the confession with the agreement, which was very strange." Investigators said.

Faced with this rebellious investigating object, the discipline inspection and supervision organ of Mojiang County acted quickly and quickly exposed his lies.

Originally, after learning that discipline inspection and supervision organs were investigating their own problems, Yang Shuzhong, in order to cover up the facts of his crime, signed an offensive and defensive alliance with the relevant personnel, forged the Supplementary Agreement.

"On June 15, after you had a talk with Yang Shuzhong, he came to the school office and arranged me to contact Jiangsu Kunshan Runze Labor Dispatch Co., Ltd. to forge the Supplementary Agreement. He signed the Supplementary Agreement, affixed the private seal and the school seal and left it behind," said Shu Mouzhong, an office worker of the Mojiang Vocational High School. The time is written in April 13, 2017.

Jiangsu Kunshan Runze Labor Dispatch Co., Ltd. legal person Ding Mou confirmed: "In December 2016, the school and our cooperation, only signed the"school-enterprise cooperation agreement", did not sign the"supplementary agreement".

On June 25, after studying by the Standing Committee of the Mujiang County Discipline Inspection Commission and the Board of Supervisory Committees, it was decided that Yang Shuzhong's violation of rules and regulations and violations of laws and regulations should be examined and investigated on file. With the deepening of the investigation, Yang Shuzhong suspected of taking bribes and other job-related crimes gradually surfaced, but he flickered with the facts of these violations, refused to admit mistakes.

"According to the circumstances of the case and Yang Shuzhong's performance, considering that only by taking lien measures can we further grasp the facts and evidence of his crimes." On July 20, the supervisory committee of the Mojiang County Discipline Inspection Commission reported to the Puer City Discipline Inspection Commission that it had agreed to take detention measures against Yang Shuzhong.

It was found that from December 2016 to May 2018, Yang Shuzhong received RMB 1746,000 bribes from four business owners, including Ding Momou, and received RMB 117,000 from two business owners, including Zhang Momou, to help him pay for vehicle maintenance, maintenance and insurance. He returned 0.72 million yuan to the school with a private branch bookstore. Mahjong gambling, two times acceptance of gifts and business-related owners to enjoy free travel in the province; collusion and forgery of relevant evidence, to provide false materials to the organization, in an attempt to cover up the facts of their violations of discipline and against the organization review. Moreover, after the eighteen Party's Congress, they will not converge and refuse to accept their hands. The nature is bad and the circumstances are serious.

According to the results of the investigation, on August 23, Yang Shuzhong was transferred to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution according to law. (Xu Zhengbing Liu Dan)

Source: China discipline inspection and supervision newspaper

Editor in chief: Zhang Yan

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