Music TV again late limit to return to Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Jia Yueting is still a real controller.

Reporter to Yan Tao

"White Knight" Sun Hongbin once again to take over the shares of the two core companies, which has brought a glimmer of hope to the shareholders of the network. In September 25th, LETV directly hit the limit. The closing price was 3.59 yuan / share, up 10.12% on that day.

On the evening of September 24, LTV announced the announcement on the confirmation and risk prompting of the judicial auction of its holding subsidiary, saying that Tianjin Jiarui Huixin had bid for a total of 240 million yuan of shares held by LTV Holdings Limited by LTV Holdings Limited by LTV Holdings Limited by LTV Holdings Limited, with a total value of 57.42 million yuan. After the auction, Le Rongzhi will lose its new control over Le Rongzhi. Le Rongzhi's new largest shareholder is Tianjin Jiarui.

According to the results of the auction on September 21, Rongchuang China's Tianjin Jiarui sold all the shares held by Lexus Holdings and Lexus for 770 million yuan, and became the largest shareholder of the two companies.

This series of actions triggered the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's attention to Lerong's new appearance and the "empty shell" of the network. On the evening of September 25, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued an inquiry letter to LEVEL, requesting LEVEL to disclose clearly whether LEVEL has issued a new statement and quantitatively explain the impact of LEVEL's new statement on the company's financial situation, operating performance and cash flow. It also asks Lenovo to combine the company's "big screen eco-business model", Lenovo's new business model and product pricing methods to explain the specific impact of the loss of Lenovo's new control rights on the company's video, Lenovo Cloud and other businesses.

In addition, the current Lenovo Holdings Lenovo new equity has been all pledged to Rongchuang Real Estate and its affiliates. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires LTV to verify the risk of disposal of LTV's new equity holdings in combination with the pledge of LTV's new equity and the company's expected solvency, and to fully remind LTV of the impact of new listings on the company and related risks.

And on September 6 this year, the network also released a new sub-brand Le Rong Yunlian through Le Rong, for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange before asking "whether the technology and personnel of Le Rong Yunlian come from Le Rong Yun", the network did not reply. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange said it required the network to verify whether the loss of core assets, core technology and personnel of listed companies would lead to the "shell" of listed companies, in combination with issues such as the new listing of Lerongzhi, the new LerongYunlian and related business plans.

In response to media reports that Tianjin Jiarui has acquired Le Rong Zhixin and Le TV's stock rights through auction, Sun Hongbin will take over Le TV in an all-round way. Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Le TV Network to verify the impact of the auction on the company and clarify that "Sun Hongbin will take over Le in an all-round way." Depending on whether it is true, and whether the company has received the investment and financing of Sun Hongbin and his affiliates, asset integration and other debt crisis relief assistance programs or plans.

Shen Meng, executive director of Xiangsong Capital, told the Securities Daily that, in his view, the auction first achieved a thorough cut between Lexus assets and Jia Yueting, but did not rule out that Sun Hongbin would inject these assets into the listed company. "On the one hand, increase Rongchuang's shareholding ratio in listed companies, reduce the cost of shareholding; on the other hand, improve the asset quality of listed companies, attract new strategic investors to take over." Shen Meng said.

And before September 19, the Networks also disclosed Jia Yueting holdings of part of the shares were released from the pledge, due to the pledge of default will be disposed of and other announcements. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked LEVEL and Jia Yueting to verify the specific circumstances of Jia Yueting's shares being released from pledge, the disposal methods of this part of shares after being released from pledge, and to verify whether the disposal of Jia Yueting's shares will result in the change of the company's actual control rights and the possible impact on the company's stock prices.

On the evening of September 25, Le TV released a clarification announcement, saying that Tianjin Jiarui holds 8.56% of the shares of listed companies, the listed companies have not received Sun Hongbin and his affiliates'plans to increase their holdings and buy other assets. At present, Jia Yue Ting is still the largest shareholder and the actual controller of the listed company, and has not changed. But Cathay Pacific Jun'an's disposal of its pledged underlying securities shares could lead to Jia Yueting's passive maximum reduction of 39.54 million shares in the company.

In addition, LTV said that if the company can not repay its debts on time resulting in the pledge of equity is disposed of by the pledgee according to law, the company's new equity holdings are at risk of decline. According to the preliminary simulation calculation, if the merger scope of Listed Companies in 2017 does not include Le Rong Zhixin, in this case the listed companies and Le Rong Zhixin related advertising, membership, CDN service fees and other income accounted for about 40% of the total revenue.


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