Ofo Beijing headquarters denied layoff security, said suppliers frequently urged the alarm.

Ofo Beijing headquarters denied layoff security, said suppliers frequently urged the alarm.

Offo's offices on the 10th and 11th floors have posted notices that they have moved to the 15th floor of the building. On the 11th floor, the office area is in a mess and staff are cleaning up Li Qiaoyu / Photographing Dream / Cartography

Reporter Li Qiaoyu

Recently, the ofo trolley headquarters in Beijing went to empty buildings, the ofo side disproved the rumor that the lease expired, but it once again triggered speculation about its layoffs.

September 25, "Securities Daily" reporters came to the Beijing headquarters of ofo, the building where the staff told reporters that ofo had rented four floors, there are only two floors left.

Offo insists the layoffs are an online myth, but a security guard on the ground floor told reporters that in the past two months, the number of employees wearing ofo licences has dropped by about a third, and the cafe downstairs has also said that ofo staff has dropped significantly.

Ofo Beijing headquarters "downsizing"

The 4 floor of office space changes to two levels.

According to the State Enterprise Credit Information Publication System, the registered address of Beijing Baiklock Technology Co., Ltd. is Room 1102, Floor 11, No. 58, North Fourth Ring West Road, Haidian District, Beijing. But this information may change soon.

On September 25, the reporter of the Securities Daily came to the Beijing headquarters of ofo in the ideal International Building in Zhongguancun area according to the above address. The reporter noticed that the 11 floors marked with the registered address still had the Office marks of ofo. The glass door with the sign of ofo was half open, the house was in a mess, and the door was covered with "ofo yellow car" which had been relocated. Notice to the 15 floor of the building.

Speaking of the relocation of the 11th floor office area, the ofo told the Securities Daily that it was due to "non-renewal at maturity", but the reasons for non-renewal at maturity were not clearly explained.

Ideal International Building staff told the Securities Daily that ofo had rented four floors of office buildings in Ideal International Building, but there are only 15 floors and 20 floors left. The staff member said that "it seems that two floors have expired" and that he was not aware of the reason for not renewing the lease.

Some ofo staff members said it was "normal to move" and others told reporters it was "due to departmental adjustments".

Genuine and false layoffs

Workers wearing badges and coffee are all reduced.

Despite rumors that ofOS were going empty, the shrinkage of their office space has once again sparked speculation about shrinking ofos. Speaking about the market speculation about layoffs, ofo staff told the Securities Daily reporter: "Nothing, layoffs are online misinformation." Earlier, there were rumors of massive layoffs in the market, and ofo denied it many times. Ofo

In the face of interviews with reporters on whether the number of personnel is reduced, some staff members within the company avoided answering, saying "very busy, everybody is working in full swing", and other staff members said that there is no comment.

But in the eyes of outsiders, the reduction of ofo staff is "obvious".

There are building internal property officers to the "Securities Daily" reporter revealed that ofo staff did decrease, "everyone is speculating because of layoffs."

The security guard on the first floor of the Ideal International Building told the Securities Daily that the number of employees wearing an ofo license had decreased in the past two months, which was "about a third less".

For the coffee shop staff on the first floor of the Ideal International Building, the number of ofOS did change significantly. A coffee shop worker told the Securities Daily: "The number of ofOS has dropped significantly, as can be seen from the number of people coming down to drink coffee."

A supplier who traveled to the office with a reporter from the Securities Daily revealed that because of business contacts, it had contacts with many ofo departments, and it was understood that many ofo departments were laying off staff.

Occasional reminder supplier

Security said the reminder accounts frequently reported.

Lack of money or the "culprit" facing the above changes for ofo.

The supplier, who was with the Journal of Securities, told reporters that the purpose of his arrival was to collect money. He said the longest arrear was six months overdue.

On the first floor of the ideal International Building, it is not unusual for suppliers to come to ofo to rush accounts. The security guard told reporters that in the past two months, he has seen a number of suppliers come to collect accounts, but also encountered a reminder in front of the building to pull a banner and eventually alarm the situation.

In fact, according to "Securities Daily" reporter, ofo has been involved in many lawsuits. A few days ago, Zhejiang court online public information showed that Baishi Logistics Technology (China) Co., Ltd. will ofo operators Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Dongxia Datong") to the Zhejiang Hangzhou Binjiang District Court. The lawsuit was held at 9 a.m. on September 13th. The court announcement showed that the case of Baishi Logistics suing ofo was caused by a dispute over the contract of carriage of goods by road, but the specific information has not yet been disclosed.

A listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange also announced on September 1 that its controlling subsidiary filed a lawsuit against Dongxia Chase over a contract dispute involving a sum of 68.151 million yuan. The announcement said that in 2017, the holding subsidiary and Dongxia Datong signed the "Bicycle Purchasing Framework Agreement" and signed a number of procurement contracts. Up to the date of prosecution, Dongxia Datong still owed the listed company's holding subsidiary 68.151 million yuan.

In addition, the ofo has been repeatedly reported with logistics companies, manufacturers, repair plants and other issues such as arrears, contract disputes.

Shared bicycles, as the market generally sees them, have gone through a period of rapid explosion, and are different now. Speaking of the future, sharing the fine operation of bicycles is an important development direction. Recently, a well-known shared bicycle platform said publicly that what is needed is more elaborate development and more value space. Globally, with the innovation of technology, operation mode and other aspects, as well as the development trend of refinement, this sharing bicycle mode, which has been set off by China, has great potential.

But instead of thinking about fine-tuning and a larger global market, the first thing ofo needs to think about now may be how to get through the current hurdles. Li Yi, chief researcher at the Internet Research Center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, told the Securities Daily earlier that for the ofo, the present is "the most difficult time", and the market seems to have formed a new pattern. The two heads sharing a bicycle platform may be enough.


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