How to break through Baidu applet in AT attack

How to break through Baidu applet in AT attack

Lv Qian

Since 2018, the layout of Internet giants in the field of small programs has been accelerating. Including Tencent and Alibaba and other companies have increased investment in resources.

As a pioneer of "light application" and a successor of "small program", Baidu intends to open a competitive gap by relying on the strategy of searching + information flow and the characteristics of intelligent + open source.

On July 5th, Shen Shao, vice president of Baidu, officially released Baidu's smart applet to the public. On September 25th, Baidu announced that Baidu's smart applet would break through billions of dollars a day and open applications, but only for enterprises, media, government, institutions and other non-personal developers.

Industry explosion

On July 11, the Wechat team revealed the core data of the Wechat Open Course widget in the seventh quarter: more than 1 million widgets, more than 1.5 million developers and 5,000 third-party development platforms. The application scenarios covered the government and people's livelihood, transportation, finance, tourism, hotels, catering and other industries.

In September 12th, Alipay announced the formal establishment of the small business division, and opened the successful entry page for developers and businesses, and opened up a complete closed loop from service, pull new to retain and then promote. And announced that up to now, the total number of Alipay applet applet is more than 20 thousand, the daily life is 120 million, and the number of users is 300 million.

On September 25, Ping Xiaoli, general manager of Baidu App Business Department, said that during the past two months or more of the invitation system, smart widgets have survived more than 100 million months.

Time and figures accurately convey the outbreak of the small program industry today.

In Pingxiaoli's view, the early small program experienced such a tortuous path mainly because of the ecological construction itself is very difficult, in the case of a large number of developers, traffic collection, how to effectively distribute traffic to users of the mechanism construction process needs a long time to explore. And this is precisely Baidu's advantage, Baidu began in the distribution of information, now just need to implant small program technology can.

Before the Baidu smart applet, there was early light application. In 2013, Baidu launched a "light application", with keyword search as the core, accurate and intelligent retrieval and distribution, identify the content of the application, and the specific services in the application and the user's needs precise docking, to help developers achieve a full range of three-dimensional distribution. Pingxiaoli said, first, Baidu did push a little early, and second, at that time many technologies were not mature, H5 did not have the ability to do things, after a period of time to explore the ability to persist.

Previously, Shen Shao also told First Financial Reporter that the entire terminal capacity was not strong enough, more based on H5, in addition, only when the entire small program runs in the terminal, can we make full use of the mobile terminal capacity, and then make the front-end capacity better. "In short, the industry was in its early stages, and the user experience was poor, making light applications impossible."

Later, Baidu spent more time building information flow and search business, on the premise that these two legs are strong enough to promote small program business.

Differentiated breakout

So, in the face of soaring competition in the industry, as well as AT two giants to increase the investment of resources in the environment, as the latter Baidu smart applet plan how to break through?

Ping Xiaoli told the first financial reporter that the core advantage of Baidu applet lies in two points - intelligent and open source.

Intelligence refers to the ability to open Baidu's 3.0AI brain to developers, including voice, vision, natural language processing, knowledge mapping, augmented reality and situational awareness categories, some of which are even encapsulated, developers can call directly.

But faced with the limited landing scene of AI technology, Ping Xiaoli said that technology development needs to go through a process of thick accumulation and thin hair, and the small program itself is Baidu AI in intelligent time very good landing, many Baidu developers have applied it to their own App, including Suning small program internal intelligent products push Recommendation is the use of Baidu intelligent small program recommendation ability.

The head of said to the first financial reporter that Suning was mainly working with WeChat and Baidu and did not consider Alipay's small program because its landing scene was limited. At the same time, in terms of specific results, Weixin small program performance is obviously better than Baidu, the latter mainly in pulling new achievements outstanding. This also shows that the conversion bonus period of WeChat applet is close to the past.

As for another "open source" advantage, in April 2017, Tencent developed a new skill --- expanding third-party platform support for applets, new data analysis interfaces for applets, and the size limit of applet code packages to 2M, namely, expanding third-party platform applet hosting rights. After the widget administrator authorizes the widget to a third-party platform, the platform can help the widget code development and account management.

In this regard, Ping Xiaoli stressed that WeChat's third party open hosting, Alipay will operate small programs to Gao de and other applications, which is totally two things with Baidu's open source.

Shen also told First Financial Reporter that the entire mobile Internet is becoming more and more closed and fragmented. For this reason, Baidu will use the advantages of artificial intelligence technology to help developers achieve some of the more difficult capabilities when it comes to smart applets; at the same time, it will adhere to open ecology and re-establish. So that all partners can run a small program on the platform.

In strategic planning, Ping Xiaoli said that Baidu hopes to build a small-program ecosystem first, rather than pursuing a larger scale or number. In the profit model, mainly through smart widget advertising components to profit, part to developers, part to Baidu, but for the moment do not consider setting the widget as a separate fee model.

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