The United States threatened to deploy more espionage against China. Students in the US should be vigilant.

The United States threatened to deploy more espionage against China. Students in the US should be vigilant.

Original title: the United States threatened to deploy more espionage against Chinese and Russian students in the United States.

Global Times correspondent Xing Xiaojing, Global Times correspondent Chen Xin, after US FBI director Christopher Ray claimed in the middle of this month that Chinese espionage was the most serious threat to the United States, CIA director Haspel said Tuesday that the United States was considering deploying it around the world. More spies deal with China and Russia. While accusing the "spy threat", we need to deploy spies. Zhang Jiadong, a professor of American Studies Center at Fudan University, told the Global Times on the 25th that the United States is right to do everything, which is the consistent logic and double standards of the United States.

Haspel made the remarks in a speech at his alma mater, Louisville University, according to the CBS on Tuesday. She said the CIA is highly interested in China's expansion of global influence. "We do monitor very closely their efforts to expand beyond their own regions, including Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and South Asia." In the Q&A session, Haspel again mentioned that China is seeking to become the leading force in the Asia-Pacific region and is "trying to weaken the influence of the United States".

This is the first public appearance since Haas Per became CIA director in May. She said the CIA would turn the strategic focus from terrorism to more traditional espionage activities aimed at the country. The Washington Post commented that terrorism has occupied most of the CIA in the past 17 years. Haas Per said the CIA's spies and analysts will "work hard to deal with the hardest part". She did not name the countries, but the CIA has just set up a new intelligence unit for Iran and North Korea, and has been focusing on world powers such as China and Russia. "Voice of America" said on the 25th, Haspel's speech reflects the focus of the U. S. defense strategic plan in the second half of last year. The strategy calls for counter-offensive action against rival countries to change the current global balance of power against the United States.

Zhang Jiadong told the Global Times in an interview on the 25th that the United States from the traditional security model to counter-terrorism is in the "9.11" after the continuation of the "cold war model", mainly to deal with the security of the core powers, so its intelligence services mainly military intelligence departments. After 9/11, the United States found that it was not enough to fight terrorism only by the military intelligence department, but also by relying on a large number of human intelligence, so it began to recruit a large number of small language personnel for restructuring and structural reform. This time the U.S. strategic focus of the re-shift, I am afraid, is to return to the "cold war model" once again, to adopt a major country-oriented intelligence settings, intelligence agencies should also re-allocate resources to the military.

Voice of America reports that major U.S. intelligence agencies are preparing to expand their presence globally to bridge the so-called "intelligence gap". Haspel said it was "one of the most difficult problems" facing intelligence agencies to keep track of current and potential U.S. rivals. In response, the CIA will increase its overseas presence, hoping to recruit more foreign-language speakers, including Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, French and Spanish. Haspel also said that intelligence agencies "now work more closely with allies around the world than ever before."

Zhang Jiadong told the Global Times that the U.S. is the world's top intelligence gatherer and can't be worse than China. The so-called "intelligence gap" can only be said that something that the United States wants is not yet available. They will never think that intelligence is enough, and they always feel that they should know something. Zhang Jiadong warned that the United States has basically achieved the first in technical intelligence, the next is to strengthen the strength of human intelligence, may counterattack more Chinese, Russians for its service. Chinese students in the United States and relevant personnel in some departments in China are likely to become the United States "prey", we should strengthen prevention.

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