Taiwan's "patriotic base" was removed before the demolition of important items: ready to make a comeback


Original title: save strength and wait for the opportunity! Taiwan's "patriotic base" said it was waiting for a comeback.

Cui Mingxuan, a special correspondent for the Global Times in Taipei, said that the Biyun Chan Temple in Ershui Township, Changhua County, Taiwan, became a "patriotic education base" with five-star red flags two years ago. Recently, it was reported by the New York Times and other media, which aroused the attention of the DPP authorities. Changhua county government immediately extended the part of the "illegal construction" as the reason, to be implemented on the 26 day of mandatory demolition.

At 8 a.m. on the 25th, Wei Mingren, head of the "Patriotic Education Base", dressed in PLA uniform, led supporters to hold a flag raising ceremony at the gate of the base. While singing the march of volunteers, they salute the rising five-star red flag. Taiwan's "Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper" noticed that people behaved as etiquette, "but looked as serious as the hatred of the enemy." Taiwan's "Free Electronics News" reported that Wei Mingren and others have begun to pack important monastery properties, important propaganda will be moved 26 days ago.

Liu Yuping, director of the Construction Department of the Changhua County Government, said the county government was carrying out a mandatory demolition plan. Large machines and tools were ready to enter Biyun Chan Temple Square at 10 am on the 26th with the support of the police. The period can be dismantled. Earlier on the 21st, the Changhua County government had completed the power cut to the Biyun Temple, and threatened to force the demolition to "leave no bricks and tiles". Biyun Chan Temple is located on the mountainside of Penglai Mountain in Ershui Township of Zhanghua Bagua Mountains. There is only a winding road less than 5 meters wide. It belongs to the terrain of "easy to defend but difficult to attack". It is difficult to get in and out of large-scale machines. "How did the two sides pass the invitation on the 26th?" We will wait and see.

Regarding the demolition plan of the Changhua County Government, Wei Mingren said that he had legally acquired buildings after a court decision, and that he would persevere. Even if he was temporarily destroyed by "enemy sins" or lost his position, he would temporarily shift his power, preserve his strength and prepare for the East Mountain to rise again. "The Five-Starred Red Flag will always fly in Taiwan's treasures." "The island". Some members of the island expressed support for Wei Mingren. Zhang Xiuye, secretary-general of the China Patriotic Concentric Association, who has registered to run for the election of Taipei Zhongzheng Wanhua District Members, rushed to the base on the 25th to attend the flag raising ceremony of the five-star red flag. She questioned why the "Taiwan People's Government" in the Peach Garden, where Kuroshan meets Japan, still occupies "state-owned land".

The United News Network commented that the "Taiwan People's Government" which did not recognize the "Republic of China" was more exaggerated than the "Patriotic Education Base" in Zhanghua. Its "Central Guild Hall" land was not only a protected area, but also occupied 187 square meters of "state-owned land", which was reported by the Taoyuan Municipal Government to be in violation of construction and management, and then transferred in 2014 according to the crime of theft and occupation. The building is still standing, and the Japanese flag on the roof is still blowing in the wind. Now because of an American media report, from the Changhua County Government to the Democratic Progressive Party authorities have suddenly hardened up, but "demolished the patriotic base, the Central Assembly Hall of the Taiwan People's Government or not demolished?"

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