Zhang Yimou, the first largest shareholder of the film industry, has lost its shareholding value to 35 million.

Zhang Yimou, the first largest shareholder of the film industry, has lost its shareholding value to 35 million.

Reporter Chen Wei

Music as part of the holdings of music as part of the assets auction, the dust settled.

On September 22, Rongchuang China won three auctions at a starting price of $773 million, making it the largest shareholder in the industry.

However, it is noteworthy that 21.81% of the Le Television Film Industry's equity transaction price is 532 million yuan, based on this calculation, Le Television Film Industry's current total valuation is 2.44 billion yuan. In the past, its valuation reached a maximum of 9 billion 800 million yuan in 2016, and now it is less than 1/3 of its original value.

Accompanying them is the loss of many star shareholders behind the music industry.

According to public information, more than ten star artists, including Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming, Sun Li, Deng Chao, Sun Honglei, Li Xiaolu and Feng Shaofeng, directly or indirectly hold shares in the music and television industry. At present, the corresponding value of Zhang Yimou's 1.44% share has dropped from 140 million yuan in 2016 to 0.35 billion yuan. In addition, the Beijing Jinyang Asset Management Center (Limited Partnership), which is funded by Jia Nailiang, Li Chen, Qin Lan and others, has lost 1.65% of the shares in the industry to 140 million yuan.

Valuation has shrunk sharply

According to the public information of the People's Court Litigation Assets Network, from 10:00 on September 21 to 10:00 on September 22, the three shares held by Le Sight Holdings were auctioned publicly on the judicial auction network platform of the Third Intermediate People's Court in Beijing.

Specifically, the auction mainly includes: Xinle TV Wisdom Electronics Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 31.145 million yuan of equity; Le TV Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. holds a company 2618.4 yuan of equity; Le TV Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. holds the Le TV industry (Beijing) limited public. 21.8122% of the company's shares.

According to public information, the corresponding valuations of the three items are 187 million yuan, 157 million yuan and 759 million yuan respectively. The corresponding starting price is 131 million yuan, 110 million yuan and 532 million yuan respectively. The total price is about 773 million yuan.

So far, on September 22, Rongchuang's Tianjin Jiarui Huixin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjin Jiarui") won the three shares at the bottom price of the total auction. This means that after investing in LTV in early 2017 and holding 21% of the shares in the industry, Rongchuan will become the largest shareholder in the industry, in absolute control.

In fact, there are many stars in the list of shareholders of music video.

According to the information of the enterprise investigation platform, since its establishment at the end of 2011, the Le TV film industry has increased its capital and transferred its shares several times, including Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming, Sun Honglei, Sun Li, Li Xiaolu, Huang Xiaoming and so on.

It is noteworthy, however, that as the auction went down, the valuations of the wise men and the film industry declined at its price. Take the music video industry as an example, if the final transaction price is 532 million yuan, its valuation is only 2 billion 440 million yuan.

In contrast, in May 2016, the announcement announced that the industry was valued at 9.8 billion yuan. According to the announcement, Zhang Yimou's share price was 140 million yuan and Guo Jingming's share price was 58 million yuan.

Now, with the company's valuation shrinking sharply, the investment returns of these star shareholders are further discounted. Specifically, according to the enterprise investigation platform information shows that the current Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming holdings of 1.44% and 0.6%, respectively, according to the transaction price of the estimated total valuation of 2.44 billion yuan, the consideration of their holdings are 0.35 billion yuan and 0.15 billion yuan.

Music video industry is expected to be expected.

At the Rongchuang China performance conference earlier this year, Sun Hongbin said frankly that "Rongchuang Levision is a failed investment, with a loss of 16.5 billion yuan. It is not a broken arm, but a broken head."

However, it is noteworthy that some insiders pointed out that LTV is the core asset with strong liquidity ability, and still has the conditions to turn over the battle. Among them, the music video industry as a whole of the music visual system scarce quality assets, also be given expectations.

In fact, Zhang Zhao in previous interviews with the "Securities Daily" reporter has repeatedly expressed the affirmation of Rongchuang, and in the industry's view, Rongchuang on the music and television industry, can not be said to be unwilling.

At the same time, Rongchuang seems to be playing a more and more important role in the industry after it was formally renamed Lechuang Civic Entertainment at the beginning of this year. As Rongchuang takes over all the shares held by Le TV Holdings, it means that Le TV film industry will be further independent of Le TV system.

Against this background, the industry insiders believe that the music video industry still has better prospects for development.

On the one hand, at this year's Shanghai Film Festival, the music and television industry released a number of film and television projects, including the upcoming "Shadow" by Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming's "Juejin2", Xu Ke's "Star Beloved", Luo Zhiliang's "King of Weapons", Li Rengang's "Assassination" and "Brothers Sleeping on My Shop" Series, "Qin Ming," a series of life and death speakers.

On the other hand, it is worth the anticipation of the creation of a music creation site jointly funded by Rong Chuang Wen brigade. Zhang Zhao had previously stated that Lechuang Cultural and Entertainment Travel will take the route of establishing cultural landmarks, "to provide experience. It does not require large scale or large capital to hold, but experience can drive the surrounding consumption of Wen brigade. I hope that through this series of brand association, we will get "sustained income".

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