China Mobile resumed 8 yuan insurance package to achieve less than 1 cents per megabit per year.

China Mobile resumed 8 yuan insurance package to achieve less than 1 cents per megabit per year.

Mobile recovery 8 yuan "guaranteed package" promise to achieve 1 cents per megabit per year.

China Mobile said recently that it would re-launch the $8 package and increase its efforts to promote the low-threshold package. Yesterday (24), the reporter logged on to the mobile official website to see, as of now, the recommendation of the web page package is still not seen in the 8 yuan package. However, the service hotline staff said that the lowest price of the 4G Flying Series is 8 yuan per month. If necessary, it can be processed after the application.

The eighth inspection team of the State Council reflects the minimum monthly rent increase.

Recently, the State Council's Eighth Supervision Group invited 10 representatives from thousands of netizens to face-to-face exchanges with the three major telecom operators. Netizens have raised such issues as arbitrary deduction of fees, killing acquaintances, different rights of new and old users, some users'feeling of broadband speed-up is not obvious, and some consumers' fees are rising instead of falling. Some netizens'representatives pointed out that the operators' Off-Shelf "floor price" packages forced the elderly and consumers in poor areas to pay more. According to Mr. Liu of Jiaozuo, Henan Province, the minimum monthly rent of local mobile increased from 8 yuan to 18 yuan, even if they did not need traffic, they had to pay the fee.

Operators worry that old users can easily change numbers.

Industry insiders introduced that the lowest monthly rental of 8 yuan before the package, also known as some user image of the package. "Some users have opened a mobile 8 yuan flight enjoyment package to ensure that they can receive phone messages, collect various authentication codes, and do not know the new number of relatives and friends of information, and then deal with other new cards." But once the package business was officially removed by mobile officials. Some industry insiders believe that the previous Off-Shelf 8 yuan package, part of the reason or to prevent the cost of insuring too low and lead to the loss of old customers easily change numbers.

On the spot of the communication meeting a few days ago, in response to the questions posed by the netizen representatives, the three major operators made a clear statement on the spot. On the low-threshold package and other issues, China Mobile said: this year to achieve the average monthly flow unit price to less than 1 cents per trillion. We should increase the promotion of low threshold packages including 8 yuan to meet the needs of the elderly and poor areas. Greatly reduce the communication costs between SMEs and dual ventures. At the same time, in the promotion of business publicity, will further simplify the rules, clear publicity, so that consumers can rest assured of consumption.

Mobile customer service can help apply for "guaranteed package".

Yesterday, a reporter logged on to China Mobile's Beijing official website to see that up to now, the official website platform for the import of the recommended products, including 4G Flying Enjoyment Series, a total of four, including three prices, a minimum of 18 yuan / month of 4G Flying Enjoyment Package and 4G Flying Enjoyment Package Youth Edition, the rest also includes 78 yuan / month of the mobile large flow series of packages. And 588 yuan / month's 4G flying package chat chat version.

Reporters also called China Mobile customer service consultation yesterday the lowest optional package price, customer service staff said that the lowest 8 yuan flight package, which contains 30 minutes of voice and 10 mega traffic, exceeding the package part, voice dialing 0.25 yuan per minute, free access, more than part of the traffic per Mega 0.29 yuan. "If you need to handle it, you can apply for it," the customer service officer said.

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Operators upgrade packages, old customers want to save money is not easy.

Insiders suggested that operators should pay attention to changes in new tariff packages.

A few days ago, a well-known plus V micro-blogging users posted that their current Unicom package is 196 yuan a month, 4G traffic + 200 minutes of voice. A few days ago, on the spur of the moment, a customer service phone call asked if there was a more cost-effective package, only to learn that there are 99 yuan unlimited + 300 minutes and so on. "I am foolish," said the blogger.


Ask customer service to know that their old package is not cost-effective.

"Make a Unicom customer service call and feel like an idiot," Ji, the micro-blogging user who signed the certification as CEO of Shell and founder of the Science Squirrel Society, said in a microblog post on Wednesday. My current set meal is 196 yuan per month, 4G flow +200 minutes voice. Usually WiFi will not exceed the standard, so did not expect to change the package. Call me tonight on the spur of the moment to ask if there is a more cost-effective package. The customer service says yes, 69 yuan 10 G + 500 minutes a month, and I'm foolish. Then she added that there was still a 99 yuan limit of +300 minutes.

"I asked why older users weren't automatically upgraded or told of a more cost-effective package. She said, the official website of the business hall has ah! The customer service lady adds that your package is a five-star user, and you can't enjoy a 1 g monthly flow gift if you change it. "Ah... "Please help me to change it right away," said the customer service, the distinguished five-star customers, because this 1g traffic gift, you need to carry your ID card to the business hall for processing. The above bloggers can not help feeling "curious", "this package I began to use in 2015. Want to see how many people, like me, pay 200 yuan a month for a package meal and enjoy a five-star service worth less than 69 yuan?


Some netizens Tucao mobile, Telecom has similar experience.

Reporters noted that in the comments of netizens triggered by this micro-blog, both the "rice rabbit" calls to express sympathy for similar situations; at the same time, some netizens said that their situation is different from the blogger, the operator took the initiative and even called many times to ask if a new meal is needed.

"I'm also Unicom, now the package is a one-yuan, one-gigabyte non-capped traffic, casual video down more than 30 a month, and the number is still the original, but also their own initiative to contact the information to the business hall to change, when I knew there was such a package when the gas explosion," Rambone said.

There are also mobile and telecom users Tucao themselves encountered similar situations. "Mobile is the same, used for many years 269 sets of meals, six months ago to the flow set + basic voice set, a total of more than 120 bar, more traffic." A netizen reflects. However, some netizens made it clear that the operator took the initiative to remind himself whether he needed to change the package. Netizens "grew up recently" said: "The same, but the customer service call reminded me to go to the lobby to change." "Telecom is willing to let me change," another netizen replied in his comments.

In addition, there are netizens in the comments posted with their own experience and "strategy": "I found this situation last year, their own business hall to change!" One of my friends said, "so do I. Just cancel the package to 39 yuan monthly. No need to go to the business hall, the phone will do.


Pay attention to new tariff regulations, pay attention to package updates.

It is worth mentioning that some netizens have their own opinions on the blogger's experience in the follow-up post, and give personal comments and reminders. Some netizens pointed out, "the so-called unlimited traffic came out for a long time." "It's not so much that you don't care about your meal. If you call and recommend it, some people will feel it's a pit. In fact, many of the meals are clearly introduced on the Internet. Now my five-dollar monthly rent is one-dollar-a-day, and the traffic is one-dollar-a-day, one-G," another netizen said. There are also netizens laughing and laughing, "my package often changes with the changes of major operators. The main reason is that poverty can be saved. Of course, the rich do not care.

Relevant industry insiders also pointed out that for consumers, especially the old set meal users, it is easy to "get used to" their own set meal or even forget the specific content. In fact, under the background of operators'increasing speed and lowering fees, on the one hand, the public opinion environment is constantly urging operators to further improve the service level, on the other hand, consumers themselves may wish to pay attention to the changes in the fees of some new packages, and choose whether they need to be updated in time according to their actual situation in order to be practical. Enjoy more optimized and preferential new charges.

Three operators do not limit the package reform.

In June this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) made clear requirements for the operators to promote the unlimited package, not to exaggerate the publicity, for the restrictions to be marked eye-catching. The three operators immediately said they had carried out self-examination and rectification, will standardize publicity and promotion activities, in the eye-catching position to remind users of the relevant provisions, so that users clearly understand consumption.

Reporters found that according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requirements, the operators have made adjustments to the corresponding package.

Information shows that China Mobile originally referred to as more than 10 GB of traffic unlimited package, exceeding 10 GB above the speed limit to 1 Mbps (traffic exceeding 100 GB after the limit speed to 128 Kbps). At present, Mobile has made adjustments to the corresponding package, the previous "unlimited" was replaced by "rest assured". Unicom has also made adjustments, reporters in the Unicom mobile phone client to see, has been familiar with the ice cream series, "ice cream package 129 yuan" described as "national open flow," and "Big Ice God card" described as "national open flow, voice.

China Telecom's unlimited traffic is not unified in many propaganda slogans, such as "bold to use, rest assured to play, enjoy the flow", and "free to use" slogans, but they have also made corresponding adjustments to the slogans, the specific package content has not changed.

In fact, Internet speed is fast and the tariff is not high. The user experience and evaluation are the most convincing. Recently, in the face-to-face communication between Internet users'representatives and the three major operators invited by the Eighth Supervision Group of the State Council, it was also found that the implementation of the three major telecom operators was far from the expectations of the majority of users.

All three operators said they would introduce more low-threshold packages to benefit the elderly, students and people living in poverty-stricken areas, and continue to push down the unit price of traffic, substantially reducing the communication costs of small and medium-sized enterprises and dual-venture enterprises, so as to give users more sense of access.

At present, the network environment has become an important issue of people's livelihood, operators should speed up and reduce fees to the actual implementation of the work, not just to put it another way.

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