The traditional peak season is approaching the express industry.

The traditional peak season is approaching the express industry.

Author: Xu Jingjing

With the National Day, especially the approaching of "Double 11", the express delivery industry once again issued a call for price increases. Following the announcement in October 2017 to raise the express delivery price, China Communications and Yunda issued a price adjustment notice on September 21 this year. Another express giant said it did not rule out the possibility of following up the pass and rhyming price adjustment measures. The industry believes that this reflects the express industry's collective demands for price increases.

In September 21st, China Express posted a notice on adjusting the courier charges in some areas on the official website. In order to further maintain the quality of service and improve customer satisfaction, after comprehensive consideration, China Express Group decided to start the express fee adjustment mechanism from October 1, 2018, and adjust the express fees from the whole country to Shanghai. Other district express fee adjustment time will be announced. Specific adjustment range of costs shall be implemented by local service outlets in accordance with the guidance of headquarters and their respective actual conditions.

In addition, Yunda has recently issued a price adjustment notice: from October 1, Yunda outlets to Shanghai express delivery fees increased by 0.5 yuan / ticket. Rhyda shares related people in an interview with the Shanghai Daily reporter said that the price adjustment is true. Why did Zhong Tong and rhyme throw price adjustment information at this time?

The National Day holiday, especially the "double 11", is the traditional peak season of the express industry. Sun Kang, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Express Association, said at the "Double 11" logistics service mobilization meeting held in Shanghai recently that according to relevant forecasts, the number of express packages produced by "Double 11" this year will be the highest in the past decade. From a nationwide perspective, the purchasing power of the Shanghai area is high, and the number of outlets in Shanghai is huge.

Statistics show that China's express delivery business in 2017 exceeded 40 billion pieces, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years, accounting for more than 45% of the world's annual business. From January to August of this year, the total number of express delivery services nationwide reached 30.26 billion, an increase of 27.2% year-on-year, approaching the level of 2016.

Relevant people said that the increase in express delivery fees for each outlet arriving in Shanghai is aimed at reasonable adjustment of express delivery volume through price transmission, so that the company can lead each outlet to provide quality service for customers and maintain customer viscosity. "There are basically no express delivery companies, especially well-known express delivery companies are willing to do the business of"losing money to make hawks". The complaint rate is a key issue in brand building, and companies are doing everything possible to reduce it.

Industry insiders analysis, "three links and one reach" and Shunfeng and other core express companies have been listed, and with the strength of the capital market to enhance business. Although the industry integration is far from complete, but now the express giants have basically divided their "sphere of influence", the industry has entered a relatively stable period. Express delivery industry rely on price war to seize the market way is gradually fading away, the industry is gradually moving towards high-quality development stage.

A courier company said that the fee is the cost of sending points to the distribution network. Up-regulation, the recipient network faces two choices: either to digest their own, or to explain the situation to customers, the corresponding increase in the price of the recipient. Where to go, the various outlets decide on their own. Therefore, it is impossible to extrapolate the influence of price adjustment on the future operation of the company.

The staff of a Zhongtong outlet in Urumqi believe that the outlet is contracted by the owner. If the fee is increased and the range is not too large, the owner may digest it without choosing to raise the price of the receipt accordingly to ensure that the market share is not taken away by his peers.

Industry insiders say that the express delivery ecosphere of third and fourth-tier cities is different from that of first-tier cities, with relatively limited customers, fierce competition and relatively weak profitability of outlets. It is also understandable that outlets tend to formulate business strategies based on actual conditions, rather than mechanically execute price adjustment notices from headquarters.

Jinan Lixia District, a Zhongtong outlet, said that although no notice of price adjustment, but the peak season price adjustment has a precedent to follow, but also in line with common sense. Recently, express delivery from Jinan to Beijing has raised the price, the first from 12 yuan / kg to 18 yuan / kg or so. A Yunda outlet in Shuimogou District of Urumqi City revealed that since June this year, the express delivery price from Urumqi to Guangshen in the North has been raised by about 2 yuan / kg due to the rising cost of rent and manpower.

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